Game Center Set Up Solution, Why Choose Chinese Supplie

The arcade game machines are original from Japan and United States. China is the OEM industry place. Nowadays, more and more International client purchase the arcade game machine from China. So what is the advantage of the game machine in China? How to solve the transnational after service? Please check as below, you will get the tips.

Best Price

  • As the manufacture industry country. There has the good infrastructure, whole range industry chain resource and enough labor resource. Till now, the game machine manufacture has over 30 years. Included the develop, manufacture, assembly, test and technical support. Guangzhou is the largest production base for game machine. Over hundreds supplier are in here. Someone in charge of the design and some person manufacture the cabinet. Also still have the parts supplier and assembly technician. Pass your idea about game machine to us, you will get the sample within a short time. And because of the complete industrial chain resources help to lower the cost. So for the same type game machine manufacture cost, Chinese version is lower so much than United states.
  • At the same time, the labor cost in China is lower than other game machine manufacture country. With the improvement of Chinese transportation infrastructure, the logistic cost have been further reduced.
  • To sum up the advantages, the game machine from Chinese have the best competitive price than other all other supplier.

R&D Advantage

  • The game machine from Guangzhou is appear from OEM. After 30 years develop, more and more professional R&D and assembly experience. Also more and more industry technician help to close to the industry leading country. No matter the R&D speed or R& cost, it is better than other countries.

More and More Game Center project Finalise

  • With the development of Chinese urbanization, the game machine industry is booming. Now the supplier with full experience for game center set up which service with place selected, game machine choice, operation advice, staff train and also the after service. Yutogames have committed to the game machine over 15 years and now assist over 150 game centers project.

Over Hundreds game machine for choice

Good After Service

  • With the development of the Internet, the after service of the game machine are not only the on-site service. Yuto Games provide the full-day on-line technical support. It is ensure the game center good operation. Also, after the game machine arrived the place, we can also supply the on-site service. The technician will assist to assembly and test which help to open the game room fluently.
  • Therefore, Chinese game machine supplier support to provide the lowest price, more game machine choice and also the professional technical support. Yuto Games supply the one stop solution for the game center project all over the world. No matter you are the game room or family entertainment, Amusement park, we will try the best to lower the invest but earn the best profit.

Sincerely wish your game arcade project is getting better and better