Driving games machine provides you with a realistic feeling of driving a car. And, the Mario Kart ArcadeMachine is one of the best gaming machines that you can find in the contemporary market. Moreover, these are the only arcade gaming machines that help you earn more than other game machines.

Now you can enjoy your favorite video game with Mario Car Arcade Machine from Yutogames. You canchoose anyone from their stock such as coin-operated game machines, super coin game machines, and cararcade machines. Yuto games is undoubtedly the best Mario Kart Driving Arcade Manufacturer you can get in China.

Kart Racing Arcade Machine: Mario Kart Racing GP2

Car arcade machine games are becoming better and better these days with the advent of the latest technology. These game machines have new game modes, new courses, new karts, and other innovative features such as an LED-lit cabinet along with a bright HD monitor. Players can get the experience of a lifetime by using these products.

The Mario Kart Arcade Machine from Yutogames is the original and newest addition to the same gameplay that you have been playing for a long time. There is no question that the car arcade machine is the most iconic car racing game machine you can find today.

What’s more interesting in these machines is that they can support up to 4 game machines when it comes to playing a battlefield. Moreover, you get lots of characters that are unlocked after you pass certain game levels. And, not to mention about the new routes you get to see along with brand new karts. They have built-in cameras, new and popular race tracks, and a host of other interesting features. On top of that, the clear HD screen increases the fun many more times compared to the ordinary game machines. Great sound system and multi-color lighting panels bring out the crazy fun. Multiplayer support is another intuitive feature that many people demand. Also, it has a token acceptor and the liberty to install a unique card system.

YUTO Driving Arcade Supply

The infamous Mario Kart Arcade Machine is popular all over the world. This car game machine is perfect for residential use or in commercial gaming facilities. Whether you want your favorite car arcade game to be easily available within your reach at home, or you want them at your gaming center, you can find the right one from YUTO.

They are the best and popular Mario Kart Driving Arcade Machine Manufacturer in China. Their driving arcade supply consists of a coin-operated indoor kids’ game machine, a super spin game machine, and Mario Kart Arcade Video Game Car Racing Machine. A lot of care goes into the packaging and delivery of these products.

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This is to make sure that the products do not get damaged when they reach you. The packaging involves bubble wrap inside along with the stretch film. However, wooden case packaging is optional and it is perfect while transporting overseas. We can supply about 300 units per month.

Why you should buy Mario Kart Arcade

It is amazing to know how much fun children can have while playing Mario Kart Arcade. This is the reason why we have so many kid-friendly arcade driving games machine. Apart from that, we are the best arcade manufacturer you can find in China and we provide the latest versions of these arcade games.With arcade games comes maintenance, and we are happy to provide you with it as well. We have all the necessary parts and accessories suited for every product that we manufacture. So, if your game machine is not performing well at any point, we are here to help you out. Our Mario Kart Arcade game machine even carries a 3-year warranty.


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When children get themselves engaged in playing arcade games, you can take a rest from the tiring process of looking after your naughty kids. Apart from that, the reaction of your kids changes effectively when they are allowed to play video games. If you are looking for an amusing machine for your kids, you can never go wrong with Mario Kart Arcade Game Machine.

For more information, you can contact YUTO and they will help you out with your requirement. Set up a different gaming experience for your residential or commercial needs by getting in touch with YUTO today.