• The TT motorcycle game machine is a common racing game machine in video game playgrounds. The game is characterized by athletics gameplay and is an indispensable large-scale domestic game machine equipment. Double-players connection competition mode: After inserting coins, press the confirm button at the same time to start, you must choose the same track to compete, and the driving mode can be freely selected.

2022 Best TT Superbike Arcade Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Arcade Game Machine for sale

  • The “TT Motorcycle” game console is a competitive simulator designed and developed to summarize the advantages of world racing. This machine is designed with single-player and machine competitive function,and Double-players connection competitive function.Unique screen design, and installation technology according to ISO9000 standards, greatly improves the life of the machine. Careful selection of materials,the design of hardware and software make this machine more stable and easy to operate. Realistic shapes and graphics make it more popular with players, greatly increasing people’s participation and cooperation. It also makes a big step forward for large-scale simulation game machines.

TT motorcycle gameplay

  • The high popularity of TT motorcycles has always attracted customers to stop and watch, and they are eager to play,So to choose a high quality and stable product,TT motorcycle game is an inevitable choice. Produced by Jester Interactive in the United States and represented by TAITO in Japan. The motorcycle racing game “TT Superbike”, which was released in Japan on May 25, 2006. The game includes the holy land of motorbike racing. “Isle of Man”. The Isle of Man, which has regularly held motorcycle races since 1907, has a total length of about 60 kilometers. It is considered to be a relatively long place in circuit all over the world, and its beautiful scenery is the reason for the popularity of the place. In addition to the importance of the game Outside the current track, the surrounding scenery will also be fully presented.
  • The optional motorcycles in “TT Superbike”, are including “HONDA”, “KAWASAKI”, “SUZUKI”, “YAMAHA” and “aprilia”, etc. There are also various peripheral parts to choose from,which makes the players can refurbish the motorcylce and install different props, etc. The game not only focuses on the appearance part, but the operation part is also very close to the real world design. In addition, the automatic correction function is designed for novice players.Even if you are not familiar with locomotives, you can also enjoy the pleasure of speed in the game.Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall.

2022 Best TT Superbike Arcade Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Arcade Game Machine for sale

TT motorcycle installation precautions

  • TT motorcycle game machine is suitable for indoor use, not suitable to put outdoor.
  • When the machine is properly installed, the top corner of the bottom of the machine should be lowered to make the machine steadily on the ground.
  • Do not disassemble, assemble, or move the machine at will.
  • Before moving, the power must be turned off and the power cord must be unplugged. The body and the host must be moved separately.

2022 Best TT Superbike Arcade Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Arcade Game Machine for sale

  • The machine must be placed on a flat ground.
  • Do not place the machine near high temperature or spark-prone equipment.
  • Do not place debris on the game console, and the power cord cannot be held down by heavy objects.
  • Do not expose the circuit part of the machine to the outside for a long time.

TT motorcycle machine operation precautions

  • Before turning on the power, check whether the power plug and power cord are intact and whether the voltage is suitable for the requirements of the machine.
  • The power supply voltage must be used according to the required voltage on the back cover of the machine.
  • Be sure to disconnect the power supply during maintenance and overhaul.
  • Non-professionals are not allowed to overhaul the electrical control device at will.
  • Please select appropriate accessories when replacing devices.
  • When unplugging the power cord, you should grab the plug and pull it out, not the wire.
  • Do not insert or pull out the plug with wet hands, do not stretch or twist the power cord.
  • When two machines are connected, after inserting coins in 1P and 2P, please press the start button of 2P first, and then press the start button of 1P to connect. If you press the start button of 1P when connecting, the game will enter Stand-alone mode.

2022 Best TT Superbike Arcade Game Machine Made in china|Factory Price Arcade Game Machine for sale

  • After the game is set up, please enter the BACKUP DATA CLEAR option, select YES and exit the game settings, then press the SAVE button, turn off the power of the machine after ten seconds, and then turn on the power of the machine after ten seconds, the game data will be set up, and you can play normally.
  • When powering on for the first time, please insert coins after the game sounds, and then start playing the game.