4 Bed Mobile Bungee Trampoline


Type:bungee trampoline
Capacity:4 Persons
Total Height:5m
Weight: 900kg;
Material: galvanized steel pipe, manganese steel, high quality PV, PVC
Suitable age group: over 5 years old
Game time: rated once every 5 minutes (customers can adjust it in the control cabinet)

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Product introduction

Children’s bungee trampoline equipment is a more popular and fashionable amusement park equipment for children’s health and entertainment. It covers a small area and is easy to use.

It does not need electricity and is not limited by the site. It can be used in amusment park, playground, shopping mall, indoor and outdoor.Easy and flexible installation and removal, firm installation, folding and convenient transportation.

Children can fly freely in the air and turn 360 degrees and 720 degrees back and forth in the air. It is one of the better amusement equipment to improve children’s comprehensive quality. Once launched, it was highly praised, which not only brought joy to tourists, but also brought rich profits to operators.


This bungee trampoline equipment is made of PVC soft material, with bright color / smooth and soft / not easy to damage / good elasticity, invariable type, non fading, wear resistance and compression resistance (designated by Japan Preschool Education Association).

Protect children’s physical fitness and sports safety (comply with international security inspection) / safe and durable All kinds of safety exercises can be trained on the soft cushion.

It is a must for kindergartens, children’s playgrounds and parent-child Park project centers High resilience, good toughness and strong tension resistance. Soft, sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing. Both sides can be used. It has a certain anti slip effect and is easy to clean. Just wipe it off gently with a wet rag!