Common Faults And TroubleShooting Methods Of Video Game Machine

Game machine are the most common and the largest number of devices in the game center. The internal structures of most simulated game machines are similar, but the mainframe is different. When there are some common failures in simulated game machines, we can quickly find out the cause of the failure by the accumulated experience in the maintenance of simulators.



The machine is not powered on.

  • Check whether the electricity is normal and whether the socket itself is powered. and whether the 220V power supply is connected to the machine).
  • Check that the power line and plug are in good condition
  • Check whether the machine fuse is in good condition, if there is a fuse burning phenomenon, please follow the following methods to machine

1.Check if there are too many machines connected at the back of this machine (usually 3 or 5 units).

2.Open the front of the machine to see if the input power cord of the power box transformer is short-circuited.

3.Open the machine cover to see if the power cord at the input end of the energy-saving lamp holder is short-circuited.

  • Check whether the machine power switch is on or not.

The monitor has no raster (not lit)

  • game machineFirst check to see if there is the first fault (the machine is not powered on).
  • Open the front door to see if the power box indicator is on, and if so, check that the scanner power cord is plugged into the output plug of the transformer.
  • Check whether the transformer has input and output voltage
  • If the above problem does not exist in the inspection, please replace the scanner to see if there is a problem with the scanner itself.

The monitor has a raster but no image

  • Open the front door of the machine to see if the power box indicator is normal (always on). If the indicator is not on, please use the multimeter to measure the input voltage of the power box. If there is an input voltage, please unplug the computer board and turn on the power again in a few minutes (in order to prevent the power box from overvoltage and overcurrent, the power box is protect against overvoltage and overcurrent. Therefore, it is possible for the power box to be protected by power outage.) see if the power box indicator lights machine
  • If the power box indicator light is on, or there is no image, please use the multimeter to measure whether the output voltage is normal, if it is normal, please check whether the output power cord of the power box is connected, whether the cable plugged into the power pin has fallen off, whether the plug of the program board is plugged in or try to change the program board.
  • If the power box voltage is low (less than 5 volts), please adjust the white potentiometer under the indicator light on the power box clockwise (adjust resistor). If you have a multimeter, please adjust the power supply voltage to 5.2 volts (generally between 5.1 and 5.3). It can also be adjusted according to the rated voltage of the computer board)
  • If the power box indicator keeps flashing, please turn it off immediately and check whether the row of the computer board (program board) is plugged in or not.
  • If the power box voltage is low or the indicator light is not lit, please replace the power box to see if there is a problem.

The fighting game machine has sound and the display has raster but no image.

  • game machineIt shows that there is no problem with the power box, transformer and scanner monitor.
  • First check whether the signal line (five-color line) is plugged into the 5p seat of the scanner
  • Check to see if the contrast of the scan is set to a minimum or that all the colors of the scan are turned off.
  • If you are using Hewlett’s computer board, please check if the contrast of the computer board is too small.
  • If there is none of the above problems, please try to replace the computer board.

The display of the mine game machine is very dark, the lack of color and the image is not clear

  • The image is very dark, please first adjust the brightness potentiometer on the scanning board or the voltage of the acceleration pole on the top and bottom of the high voltage package (There are two knobs on the top and bottom of the high-voltage package, which adjust the focus on the top and the brightness on the bottom. Check whether the red wire of the focus pole and the acceleration pole on the high voltage package to the CRT base (small substrate) is detached or falsely welded. The phenomenon of moisture regain of the machine will also have this symptom. Unplug the CRT seat and blow the tail tube of the CRT seat and the picture tube with the air machine
  • If there is a lack of color, please check whether the computer board scrub slot and signal cable are plugged in.
  • If The above methods can not be solved, please try to replace the scan board.
  • If the machine has been used for several years and there may be a problem with the aging of the picture tube, please replace the monitor.

There is only one bright spot or a horizontal or vertical bright line in the center of the display

  • A bright spot in the center appears after the monitor is turned on. Please turn it off immediately and check if the 4p deflection line is plugged into the scanner.
  • If there is a bright horizontal line on the boot, please check whether the “field deflection line” has fallen off. if it is a used machine, please replace the scanning board.
  • When a vertical line appears on the boot, please check whether the “line deflection line” has fallen off or replace the scan board. (this is rarely the case on the scan board, which is generally the reason for the fall off of the “line deflection line”.

 Line and field are out of sync

  • When you start up, there are multiple pictures that always run to one side and the image can’t stop. We call it “out of sync”. The image is always up or down, we call it “field” (vertical) out of sync, and all the way to the left or right, we call “line” (horizontal) out game machineof sync.A single appearance of “field” or “line” non-synchronization,generally only needs to adjust the “vertical stability” or “horizontal stability” on the scanning board, if at the same time “line and field is out of sync”, generally check whether the “synchronous signal line” in the signal line has fallen off and whether the gold fingers of the computer board are oxidized or plugged in, or replace the scanning board.

Image jitter

  • There are several situations that cause the jitter around the image: first, the city power is less than 220V, the second is that the power of the transformer decreases after working for a long time, and the third is the failure of the voltage stabilizing circuit of the scanning board. When there is a jitter around the image, first check whether the electricity is less than 220V, if there are a lot of machines in the site or if the electricity is less than 200V, please install a voltage stabilizer in the site. If this is the second case, please adjust the stabilized voltage adjustment button on the scan board (in general, do not adjust this voltage, it will affect the voltage of the whole scan board)!game machine

In addition, if it is impossible to judge which part of the machine has a problem during maintenance

  • It can be analyzed by the method of interchange. that is, the accessories of another good machine of the same model are exchanged with the problematic machine to analyze and troubleshoot.