Common failures of simulator machine Maintenance.

Simulators belong to arcade game machines. There are different types of simulators, such as dancing machines, basketball machines, music machines, racing machines, shooting machines, drum game machines, etc. Somatosensory game consoles, etc. The following is the common troubleshooting methods of the simulator game machines.

  1.  According to the machine’s manual, first check whether there is a signal (wave type) at the input and output of the suspected chip. If there is input or output, check the control signal (clock) of the IC. If there is a signal, the IC is very likely broken. If there is no control signal, trace to its previous pole until the damaged IC is game machine
  2. When the chip is found, don’t remove it from the game machine. You can choose the same model, or the one which IC is with the same game program, turn it on and observe whether it is getting better or it is damaged.
  • The first pole until the damaged IC is found.

3.Use double-wire and jump-out method to find the short-circuit line.

  • It is found that some signal line and ground line, +5V or other pins that should not be connected to the IC are short-circuited. You can break the line and measure again to determine whether it is an IC problem or a board trace. Or you can use the same signal of another IC to solder to the problem IC, to check whether the video and pictures is normal, then you can know whether the IC is good or not.
  1. Comparison method
  • Find a good computer board with the same content to compare and measure the pin waveform and number of the corresponding IC to confirm whether the IC is damaged.
  • For the pins that should not be connected to multiple ICs, you can disconnect the wire and measure again to determine whether it is an IC problem or a board wiring problem. Or you can borrow a signal from another IC and solder it to the IC which is with wrong waveform. You can know whether the IC is good or not by checking if the videos and picture of the machine become normal.

5. Use the ICTEST software in the microcomputer universal programmer (ALL-03/07) (EXPRO-80/100, etc.) to test the IC board. It is necessary and helpful for people who is not professional.

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  • Fault repair/check board method
  • Observation method:Whether there is burnt, burnt, blistering, broken board surface, and corrosion of the socket.If the video and picture of the machine become normal, the IC is with no problem.
  • Whether +5V and GND resistance are too small (Above 3A is abnormal)
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6.Power-on inspection

  • For a confirmed broken board, you can slightly increase the voltage by 0.5-1V, and rub the IC on the board after power-on. It can be easily distinguished when let the problem chip heat up.

7.Logic pen inspection

  • Check the signal of the key suspected IC input, output, control and network terminal, to see if there is signal or strong or weak signal.

8.Distinguish the major areas: most boards have a clear division, such as: control area (CUP), clock area (crystal oscillator) (frequency division), background image area, action area (characters, aircraft), sound generation Synthesis area, etc. This is very important for deep maintenance of game boards. Troubleshooting/Computer chip removal method: cut the feet method: Does not damage the board, and cannot be recycled.

9.Drag tin method: Solder full tin on both sides of the IC pin, use high-temperature ferrochrome to drag back and forth, and pick up the IC at the same time (the board is easy to damage, but the IC can be fully tested)video game machine

10.Body > sound production synthesis area, etc. This is very important for the deep maintenance of the computer board. Troubleshooting/Computer chip removal method 1 Cut the foot method: Does not damage the board, and cannot be recycled.

Matters Need Attention

Do not turn off the power when doing the inspection

Electric air gun: Use a special electric air gun to unload the film, blow the IC pin part to be unloaded, and then the IC after tinning can be lifted out (note that the air gun should be shaken when blowing the board, otherwise the computer board will be blown up with bubble.)

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