Daily Maintenance Of Game Machine

The Indoor Game Center is a place with many electronic game machines. Because many people often go to play game machine, it needs to be maintained daily to maintain the game machine and game equipment.


Multimeter: a necessary tool for daily maintenance of voltage and resistance measurement.

Degaussing device: A necessary tool for removing magnetization after the game console is moved.

Electric soldering iron: solder wire: necessary tool for soldering and                                                                                          replacing components.

Wrench: screwdriver and other tools, tools for disassembling parts.Daily maintenance of electronic game machine.

1.The operating voltage of the game machine should be within the range of 220V±10V. Too low will affect the visual effect, and too high will damage the power box, scanning board, and transformer of the game machine. Seriously, it will cause damage to the computer board.

2.The working environment of the game machineshould be well ventilated, free from humidity, and the dust inside the machine should be cleaned regularly. Too low air humidity will cause the parts to rust, and the computer board electronic components will be locally short-circuited and burned.

3.The game machine room should also ensure that no small animals enter, and the urine of small animals will cause the electronic components to be short-circuited and scrapped.

4.The game machine should be placed steadily, avoid shaking and vibration, to prevent metal parts or tokens from falling on the electronic components and short-circuiting the parts and burning the parts.

5.Game machine should avoid high voltage and strong magnetic interference: High voltage interference damage such as electronic lighter cores will cause the computer board to run out of control, and severely damage the computer board. The store owner should strengthen the supervision of the player.题 1

6.The placement of the computer board: It is generally better to hang it. Avoid contact with metal parts, screws, etc. in the machine, avoid using anti-static film, and anti-static foam to isolate the computer board to avoid short-circuiting the board.

7.Kinescope maintenance:

①Excessive brightness will shorten the service life of the picture tube, so the brightness should be adjusted to a moderate level.② Humidity will cause the high-pressure picture tube to ignite and burn the scanning board or computer board.③If the color of the picture tube is not pure, use a degausser to degauss.Precautions for replacing the power supply box: ①The wires of +5V, +12V, and GND cannot be connected wrongly.②The voltage switch cannot be misplaced.③The +5V voltage cannot be adjusted too high.

8.Regularly measure the voltage between the first and third pins of the blue plug of the game console computer board, and ensure that it is within the range of 4.8V to 5.3V. The voltage fluctuations due to changes in potentiometers or component parameters should be measured regularly. Adjust the +5V knob on the power box to correct it. If it is too low, it will freeze the board. If it is too high, it will burn the board.

9.Scanning plate adjustment: In order to maintain a good visual effect, the scanning plate calibration should be adjusted frequently, see the scanning plate knob diagram for details.