As a buyer, when you quote some game machines with the Chinese supplier. You will received many quotations with over 60% same game machine from many suppliers. But all of their price are different. And at that time you will received the message that my game machines are with good quality spare parts to ensure the use. Or the supplier will said they will supply the best after service and technical support. How to distinguish the game machine quality? Please check below some standard.

YUTO GAMES Product Quality Inspection

  • Firstly, check the game machine outside look. Included the LCD, cabinet, door, bottom and Casters, Spray paint,painting,LED and cable.

Product quality inspection 01

  • Normally, it will use the LG good quality screen with good clarity and resolution. And because of the different material and production process, the cabinet quality is different. The bad material and immature production will come up the low quality cabinet which easy to deformed or loose.Same as the assembly, poor assembly will bring the messy wiring and loose screw. Also for spray paint,the best is the car painting method. But still has another is hand made with lower cost.

Product quality inspection 02

As the foreign trade deal. All parts need to prepare before shipping. And because of the different brand, there are many different quality of the spare parts.

  • Thirdly, Test the machine. It is the key point to ensure the machine with best condition during use.

Product quality inspection 03

– Test the game machine open. Included the power supply, open view, waiting time.
-Test the operation. Included the button and joystick or other controller sensitivity. Control function test.
-Set up test. Included the background setting test. Software function test.
-Power system test. Included the motion power test and normal power test.
-Main board test. Included the game kit condition and software running.
-Others, Included the game view, lighting, sounds, voltage, power, plug and ect

Product quality inspection 04

For all of the details, not only send to the client to confirm all details but also keep to do the after service and technical support.

YUTO GAMES Game Machine Package

As the long time shipping by sea, how to package the game machine to ensure the game machine don’t wet by the air? Check with below:

YUTO GAMES Machine Package

-Soft package, it needs to cover with carton board, bubble film and brushed file to avoid the wet.

-Except the above inside package, the outside package will be with Carton, solid wood support/Plywood support/Plywood box as the choice.

How to open the package to ensure the game machine safety, please check another article.

Last but not the least is the notice and after service details.

With the professional engineer assist to do the after service when the game machine arrive your game room. It is included the card system install and test. Game Machine assembly and test. It is also the important part.

Above all, it is the basic points to ensure whether you supplier is the best supplier. If you want to find the good quality game machine with competitive price. Please check with Yuto Games. Except the above all standards, it is still supply the free layout design, operation advise and free staff training.