Project Description

Split Second Arcade Racing Game Machine

Arcade Racing Game Features

  • 4 people online, immersive experience, with motion.Multiple racing car can be connected to the network at the same time. The machine is with dynamics motion. Multiple rowing, race tracks, and competition areas can be chosen. Pick up all kinds of game props during the game to help you win the game.
  • Multiple rowing boats can be played online at the same time. Players can enjoy the dynamic motion. Multiple rowing, multiple race tracks, multiple competition areas can be chosen. Pick up all kinds of game props to help you win the game.

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Arcade Racing Game Description

  • Power boat GT game is a magnficent speed boat simulator which will bring the player in amazing 9 racing tracks,travel around Europe and South America commanding 10 super powerful boats On the track,player will obtain weapons to attack the competitors and turbo to boost the boat


  • Dimensions-112(W) X200(D)X 235(H) cm
  • Weight .428 KG
  • Monitor .42″LCD per car
  • Degree of Movement . ROLL;±13.5*/ PITCH: 6.5″/HEAVE 10 cm per car

Game mode selection: single player mode and multiple players online mode.5 character choices for players.4 kinds of rowing boats can be chosen.3 colors can be chosen for the rowing boat.9 different maps of two types can be chosen.Europe 5 different maps can be chosen.South America 4 different maps can be chosen.