Project Description

Whac A Mole Arcade Machine|Rescue The Nemo kids Arcade Game

Brief introduction:

  • “Rescue the NeMoo”is a arcade redemption machine developed by our company using very good quality materials and advanced PCB board control technology. The main PCB board has adopted the light and electricity insulation protection function for input and output. Besides, it can be reset autom atically after trouble caused by the memory effect. Having inherited most advantages of former products, this machine runs more smoothly. Besides, it also has other outstanding characteristics,such as strong circuit-protect function, less trouble, and convenient mending.Its stable and beautiful appearance makes it more attractive.
  • The machine has full appreciating and enjoying. When the game starts, a fish”NeMoo”at revolve to swim. Five tortoise’s head come out in the shell in turn to eat the fish.. The player hit the tortoises head back shell to save the fish. During the game, there is a big screen on the machine. Following the game play to show the main character and content of the story by cartoon form.
  • Along with wonderful music, this game has joined recreation to competition perfectly.

Apparent size, consumption power and name of part:

  • Apparent size: W1180 mm ×D880 mm ×H1450mm
  • Power supply: AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz
  • Weight: 130kgs
  • Power: 200W
  • Number of player: 1


Rescue The Nemo kids Arcade Games Description

The rescue the nemoo kids game machine is one of our most hot sale kids game machines.
How to play:

  • When the game starts, the whistle sounds.
  • The tortoise came out of the hole, ready to eat NEMOO.
  • Quickly tap the tortoise’s head, and the tortoise screamed back.
  • The image is vivid and interesting, and the music and sound effects are beautiful and moving.

Instruction For Using:

  • After being inserted coins. The machine is ready for scoring time and points, along with the cartoon, all the tortoises heads come out ,player should hit the head quickly ,when you hit the
    head back you can set 1 point
  • When the game is over, the tickets will be sent out.
  • The tortoise stop moving, The whole machine returns to await coins.

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