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Raiden IV Arcade Cabinet For Sale

What is Raiden Arcade Game and how to play it?

Introduction of RaidenArcade Game Machine

  • Raiden is a flying shooting game machine, including Raiden 1, Raiden 2, Raiden 3, and Raiden 4. It can be installed with wooden cabinet, plastic cabinet and iron cabinet.
  • The classic arcade shooting game “Raiden” was landed on the XBOX360 platform and was adapted from”Raiden Fighters Aces”,which reproduce the gorgeous flying shooting screen, and the refreshing battle flow. The MOSS company scheduled for sale on September 11, 2008, and was postponed to October 2. Regarding this postponement, MOSS stated that it was forced to postpone it due to unexpected abnormal problems, in order to improve the problem and further improve the quality of the game.
  • After the game is cleared, there will also be a BOSS RUSH mode and a score impact mode that directly challenge the BOSS of each level. At the same time, you can also enjoy the original paintings of various units and the 3D models of the unit from various angles.Because the game provides up to 8 kinds of difficulty settings, and also second round play game levels. The bullet speed is faster and more exciting. Therefore, players of different levels can find the suitable difficulty levels to enjoy the game.
  • Compared with the previous works, Raiden 4 includes Xbox360 mode, score impact mode and arcade mode. The Xbox360 mode has been increased from 5 levels to 7 levels in the arcade mode. The flash shoot’s spike system has changed from the original ×2.0 to ×5.0, also contains two DLC units: MK-II, Fairy, and a new accumulator system. If you do not attack for a certain period of time, you will enter a powerful state. If you press the fire button, a large number of missiles will be launched to attack the enemy. In the game, players can be free Choose its unique weapon and choose the difficulty. To provide more selections, the official provides eight different difficulty options for players to choose. There are four different weapons to choose from, each of which has different effects. Players can upload their own data on the Xbox Live network to perform score ranking statistics with players in other parts of the world. The XBOX360 version adds two new levels, and players can see new enemies.
  • “Raiden” is a large-scale video game vertical scroll air combat shooting game developed by the famous Japanese arcade manufacturer SEIBU and first launched in 1990. After its launch, it has been loved by many players and has become a well-known shooting classic.

Raiden IV Arcade Cabinet For Sale

Description of the Raiden 4Arcade Game Machine

  • Raiden 4 is the fourth version of the Raiden series. The PC version of “Raiden 4” can not only cooperate with friends to play together, but also more faithfully present the feeling of large-scale video games to players. Compared with the previous series, “Raiden 4”, which has more strategic elements, adheres to the concept of “Attack is the best defense” and “Attack before being hit”. Not only need to attack, but also need to clear all enemies on the scereen to get high scores. As for which enemies will appear where and how to kill them in seconds, it requires the player’s attention and experience.

How to play Raiden 4 game console

  • “Raiden 4” is a classic air combat shooting game, easy to operate and highly playable. Compared with the system in the previous works, both weapons and level design, “Raiden 4” has not changed much, but the picture has become more gorgeous. Moreover, Flash Shoot, a new element of quickly destroying enemy aircraft and wiping bullets, also directly affects the player’s tactics, position and scoring between barrages, requires more precision. In general, Raiden 4 still inherits the simple, refreshing and exciting feel of the previous games. It is a very good choice to have fun with friends.

Raiden 4 game machine gameplay skills

  • There’s only one purpose , which is to completely eliminate the enemies that appear. Being good at changing the way of attacking the enemy is a key to victory: the more red shotguns eat, the wider the attack range, which is useful for dealing with small roles.But if the opponent is a big man, it will be more difficult.Same for the blue laser, the more the laser is eaten, the thicker the laser will be and the stronger the destructive power. It is a boon to deal with the big guys.The purple guided laser is similar to the blue laser but has lower destructive power.When there’s low level,long-range missile is very useful, and when there’s high level, the tracking missile is very useful. It is useful for large-scale bombs to focus on attacking one place, but beware of dropping the bomb for a few seconds before exploding. The shotgun is a life-saving trick when the enemy is besieged.

Raidengameplay of how to control

  • Single control (including double mode):
  • lL joystick, cross keys, R joystick: move
  • lButton A: fire
  • lButton B: Insurance
  • One control two machines mode:
  • lL joystick: 1P movement
  • lR joystick: 2P mobile
  • lLB button: 1P fire
  • lLT button: 1P insurance
  • lRB button: 2P fire
  • lRB button: 2P insurance
  • In this mode, the body number and insurance number are shared, and the control mode is selected in the game level selection interface.
  • More control parameters can be adjusted in the controller settings to adjust the personal button habits. The arcade version opens the double-play mode method: press and hold the 1P and 2P joysticks for 5 seconds, and then press the 2P insurance button to open the double-play mode.

How to play Raidengames

  • As a classic shooting game, Raiden has been loved by many players since its inception. In the free time, to meet with friends and fight one or two rounds in the sky of bullets together,to find the feeling of being a pilot is so enjoyable.
  • So, how should Raiden play?
  • After putting in tokens or swiping the card, the game menu appears, control the joystick to choose your favorite mode and fighter;
  • After the game starts, you can see your plane. In the first few seconds when the aircraft appears, there is usually a halo around it, indicating that it is in a stealth state and cannot be hit by bullets. When the halo disappears, the invisibility will no longer exist.
  • In addition, we can also see the number of mines (that is, the number of super bombs) we own in the lower left corner of the game screen: an icon means that there is a mine.
  • When the enemy plane comes, we can press the A button to launch a bullet to destroy the enemy plane. Note that the number of bullets is unlimited and can be used as much as you like. At the same time, we can also control the joystick ↑↓←→ four direction keys to move the aircraft to adjust the shooting position and ensure that we are not hit by enemy aircraft bullets.
  • During the battle, some floating colored gems sometimes appear on the screen. We can pick them up by plane. These colored gemstones can update the bullet type. The red one emits bullets (the shooting area is wide, but the power is small), and the blue and green are the bar bullets (the shooting area is small, but the power is large).
  • When we are in a critical state, we can also press the B button to release mines. After the mine is released, an aperture will appear around the aircraft, and all enemies within the aperture will be wiped out. At the same time, the enemy’s bullets could not hit us at this time.
  • In addition, if you are accidentally hit by an enemy aircraft during the game, a 10-second countdown screen will appear. It means to remind us whether we need to continue playing. If you want to continue playing, continue to insert coins or swipe cards, and the game will restart from the time the plane was destroyed. However, this connection is usually limited in the number of times, usually 3 times. 8. Finally, when the entire game is over, we can also see our current results and rankings.

Raiden 3 introduction

  • There is no shortage of animated CG music!
  • Version: Perfect
  • Hard Disk Edition Release Date: March 17, 2006
  • Production and Distribution: CYBER FRONT
  • Region: United States, Japan
  • Language: English, Japanese.
  • As a classic of vertical axis shooting, the operation is simple and the rhythm is bright, the “Raiden” series has been welcomed by the majority of players, and is a game suitable for all ages.
  • “Raiden” not only frequently landed on major platforms such as arcades, home consoles, and handhelds, but in addition to the official version, also there are also many fan versions. Therefore, the “Raiden 3”, “Raiden 4” and the mission version that we have encountered on the PC platform in the past are not orthodox works. After being transplanted to the PS2 version, the authentic “Raiden 3” was also be released on PC. The game fully includes all the distinctive game modes of the PS2 version, and gives players a more impactful visual experience in terms of screen effects. .
  • As soon as you entered the game, the screen of Raiden 3 gives people a gorgeous feeling. It provides a three-dimensional feel no matte the ocean base, desert fortress, or battlefield. The light and shadow effects of various weapon attacks and explosions are also very gorgeous and dazzling. For the convenience of players, the game also provides a variety of different screen orientation settings.But due to the vertical axis shooting, the utilization of the screen is still insufficient. For some players who already have widescreen LCD monitors, it feels like more obvious.
  • Because there are not many levels in Raiden 3, and the process is relatively short, the main purpose is to hit the score and challenge the limit of operation. Therefore, the game’s music tracks are relatively small and seem relatively monotonous, and the scenes are mostly space-based. The situation is somewhat similar, and the same is true for the sound effects. But then again, this should be said to be a common problem of similar games, and the limitations of the subject matter cannot make the game have too many breakthroughs and changes in the music and sound effects.

Raiden 2 introduction

  • The new generation of plane-flight online game “Raiden 2OL” is here! As an online game of the same name, “Raiden 2OL” inherits the fierce confrontation and gorgeous barrage of the “Raiden” series, and further integrates the elements of the Oriental fairy. In the game, players slay demons and slayers, travel through conspiracies and bullets thrillingly, resolve mysteries and crises, and finally defeat the black hand behind the scenes.
  • Compared with the traditional vertical shooting game, “Raiden 2OL” continues to innovate, playing a different trick with the traditional airplane mode. Joined individual competition and team fighting, PK mode, split screen battle, barrage survival, racing mode, etc. Players can cooperate with each other or meet in duels. “Raiden 2OL” is the only STG vertical shooting online game on the market. She perfectly reproduces the essence of the arcade era vertical shooting game, bringing a completely different game experience from MMO, round and casual online games.
  • Through the form of vertical shooting, players in “Raiden 2OL” will face intensive attacks and tides of enemies all the time. The refreshing feeling is the traditional advocating “single challenge” RPG and a round game that is proficient in calculation. Unattainable. At the same time, “Raiden 2OL” also inherits the ancient charm and aesthetics of the traditional oriental style. Nowadays, when the cultivation style is becoming more and more fierce, this kind of cold mechanical aircraft can be more easily accepted by players.

Raiden 2 levels

  • The same as the first generation, there are a total of eight levels of Raiden 2, and it is also controlled by the red crystal lifeform. After the body is destroyed, the crystal lifeform will escape and cannot be broken during the escape. The first five levels are on the earth battlefield, and the last three are in outer space.
  • Level 1 (countryside):BOSS are two four-legged land combat machines, each with a crystal life form.
  • Level 2 (city):The BOSS is a spaceship, a crystal lifeform with a detachable transformable suicide fighter. In the middle, you will encounter two medium-sized warships, each containing a crystal lifeform.
  • Level 3 (naval battle):BOSS is a submersible large battleship, a crystal life form.
  • Level 4 (historic sites):BOSS is two big and two small war artillery, of which the big and the second are movable, camouflaged in the shape of a monument, and each of the two has a crystal life form.
  • Level 5 (base):The BOSS is supported by a large spacecraft, ready to escape to outer space. After the spacecraft is broken, there is a red main air fighter inside, which will be packed with a blue shell, a crystal life form.
  • Level 6 (outpost):BOSS is a huge tank, based on the design of the first generation Thunderbolt fifth level BOSS, a crystal life form.
  • Level 7 (space station):BOSS is a huge space battleship, a crystal life form.
  • Level 8 (final battle):BOSS is a large collection of all crystal life forms.

Product Information

  • Product name: Raiden IV
  • Product type: Frame machine
  • Working voltage: AC220-240V 50/6OHz
  • Power: 280W
  • Dimensions: length 1700*width 830*height 1080mm
  • Material quality: iron box
  • Data interface: USB 2.0 universal serial interface


  • Brand-new concept of flying airplane gameplay, a variety of entertainment game scenes, strong entertainment;
  • A variety of gun value options: 1/5/10/20/100/200/100, the multiplier of the aircraft is 2-96 times;
  • The shells do not miss, multiple machines hit at the same time, and the prizes are continuous;
  • Choose different gun values to hit the same aircraft to get different points. A higher gun value will get more points;
  • Hit the flagship aircraft (24-96 times) with medium and high points worth of prizes, high artillery worth of prizes;
  • You can rotate up and down to divide, throw back coins, refund lottery tickets, and you can also choose to refund immediately;
  • Account management: With the remote control and adjustment function of the printer, the accounts of the shift shift are clear at a glance;
  • 3-11 door bet: you can choose arbitrarily according to the needs of the venue;
  • After the bullet is shot, the pressure can be continued or cancelled within the specified time;
  • Compatible with any fighting machine in the venue.