Project Description

Gashapon Party Prize Vending Machine For Sale


  • Size: L143*W143*H216cm
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Power: 450W

Gashapon Party Prize Vending Machine


  • “Gashapon Party” A fun toy for fun and entertainment. With a high-end and dazzling creative appearance, novel and exciting gameplay, one shot is instant, allowing players to enjoy a hearty game experience; side hole winning, eliminating player frustration, and increasing game stickiness. It is a perfect interpretation of skill and luck, which makes players want to stop. The full hardware chassis is durable and the details show the exquisite craftsmanship. How to play: 1. Press the launch button to eject the capsule; 2. The capsule enters the middle door to get the capsule; 3. The capsule enters the two side holes, and the lucky turntable starts the lottery; 4. The lucky prize can get points, capsules, Super grand prize reward; 5. Flexible settings, points can be exchanged for gashapon, or lottery tickets.