Project Description

Ocean DISCO Turntable Amusement Ride For Sale


  • Medium turntable;
  • Game play new, exciting, very entertaining;
  • Appearance design is beautiful and generous, the pattern is bright, delicate, the material is delicate;
  • Large-scale integrated motherboard and imported PLC control, stable and reliable working performance;

Ocean DISCO turntable

Playing instrution:

  • Open the leakage power switch, and then open the start key, press the start button to start rotating panel cabinet。
  • Inside can sit 8 adults or children, sit on the door, turn off the door, and then shut the door, press the start button game, the lights will be with the rhythm of music.
  • The default game time is 3 minutes, you can set a 1 – 9 minutes time, pull out the code in the cabinet on the motherboard, red four drawing code. The following diagram.


  • working voltage: AC 380V + 5% 50Hz, please refer to the specific use of voltage machines;
  • maximum power consumption: 10KW;
  • outline dimensions are as follows: (unit is mm)W3400*D4500*H3000MM
  • weight: about 1T
  • environmental conditions: (indoor) temperature: -10 to +40 DEG C humidity: less than 90%; atmospheric pressure: 86Pa ~ 106Pa.
    load: 450KG