Project Description

Full size air hockey table

Classic sports air hockey table Specification

  • Rated power supply:AC220V±10% 50Hz or AC 110V±10% 60Hz
  • Note: As the actual voltage, please refer the label of the machine
  • Power Consumption:Min power consumption: 200W
  •                                       Max power consumption: 300W
  • Curved table air hockey Dimensions: 2200 (W) X 1200(L) X 1000(H) (mm)
  • Weight: 150kgs

Table air hockey Spare parts list

Arcade air hockey table instruction & Game description

  • Playing instruction
  • Insert coin(s), game starts, The ball comes out from the outer hole.
  • Get the ball from the outer hole, Use the pusher to hit to the opposite target hole to win scores.
  • Game over,the more scores u get, the more tickets u win.
  • Detail photos for Curved  Air Hockey Table.
air hockey

Maintenance & Troubleshooting:


The game can’t start
  • No power
  • Fault of power supply
  • Fuse broken
  • Check the power
  • Check the power supply
  • Change the fuse

No sound

  • Fault of speaker
  • Speaker wire loose.
  • Fault of the music IC
  • The volume button turn off in the main board
  • Check the speaker
  • Check the speaker wire
  • Change the music IC in the main board
  • Turn on the volume button in the main board to set the right volume
Payout ticket(Non-stop)
  • Fault of ticket dispenser
  • Fault of Ticket PCB
  • Check the ticket dispenser
  • Check the PCB

 Can’t dispenser coin

  • Coin dispenser loose or broken
  • Check the coin dispenser or exchange a new one
  • Can’t dispenser ticket
  • Ticket stick or ticket dispenser broken
  • The ticket function turn off in the main board
  • Out of ticket
  • Clean the ticket jam or change a new one
  • Check the main board, the ticket function turn on
  • Add tickets

Score board not showing scores,

or show wrong scores numbers

  • Score switch loose or broken
  • Score board wire loose or broken
  • The program of main board for the score mistake
  • Check the switch or exchange
  • Check the wire connect the score board
  • Check the main board or rechange a new one

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