Aliens Armageddon Arcade Game For Sale|Light Gun Arade Game

Aliens Armageddon Arcade Game For Sale|Light Gun Arade Game


  • Size:W1320*D1490*H2700
  • Volume:5m³
  • Weight:250kg
  • Power:420w
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:42‘

Game Introduction

  • Aliens Armageddon Arcade Game is an alien-themed simulation shooting game amusement machine. This game console is suitable for teenagers and above. During the game, there are multiple unique movie-style ultimate levels, task mini-levels, and multiple tasks to choose from. Players can fully experience various game methods. Each time the player completes a game level, he will wait until the evaluation, and the evaluated score will be automatically converted into stars.


  • Players insert coins and press the start button to enter the game. The player uses the steering wheel to select the opponent in the scene.
  • Enter the battle state, pick up the gun and aim at the target, press the shooting switch to shoot.
  • During the game, weapons can be replaced in the weapon replacement point. Except for the original weapons, other weapons are used for a limited time.
  • After each level is completed, there will be an evaluation, and the score will be automatically converted into stars.

How to play

  • At the beginning of the game, select the mode: “Story Mode” or “Choose Off Mode”;
  • Story mode: start the game from the first level.
  • a. During the game, a task card will appear, through continuous bloody battles with aliens, and finally complete the designated task;
  • b.When attacked, the health bar will decrease. When the health bar is empty, the game ends;
  • c.Prompt to renew the level for 10 seconds. If the player does not renew the coin after the renewal time is exceeded, the task has not been completed, and the page will jump to the Game Over interface at this time.
  • Level selection mode: The level that the player chooses to start.
  • a.Choose a level at will, each level has monsters in its domain;
  • b.Destroy the last boss in each level and complete the small level;
  • c.The game has 3 levels and one hidden level. Complete all the cards to get the final victory.


  • The original version of the American science fiction blockbuster “Aliens” is authorized; 42-inch high-definition graphics, allowing you to experience the exciting, cool and shocking effects of the game; high-simulation firearms, more realistic shooting effects.Functions: Story mode and level selection mode, blood consumption function, setting of loading bullets in the lower part of the gun

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