Underwater Paradise Amusement Park Ride


  • Working voltage: AC 380V±5% 50Hz, please refer to the machine nameplate for specific working voltage;
  • Maximum power consumption: 13KW;
  • The dimensions are as follows: W6300*D5900*H2500MM;
  • Weight: about 3T;
  • This equipment uses domestic well-known brands components: Guomao Motor, Jucai Air Compressor;
  • Load: 1100KG;
  • Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Product introduction

The 16-seat Ocean Party Magic Disk is the newly developed amusement machine with novel shape and gorgeous colors.
It is safe and reliable, easy to operate, and highly interesting,popular by teenagers.
The operation of this product has rotating, swaying and rolling motions, which gives people the feeling of flying in space,equipped with music, colorful lights, flashing lights at night,it’s lookis colorful ad attractive. The product is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic material, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, safety, corrosion resistance and good stability.
It is suitable for outdoor amusement and is the best amusement equipment for amusement parks, youth palaces, parks, cultural palaces, resorts and large shopping malls and other densely populated places.

2022 Best Amusement Park Ride Made In China|Factory Price Amusement Park Ride For Sale

How To Play

The tourists sit on the magic disk and the equipment starts. At the beginning of the game, the cool lights slowly start with the dynamic soundtrack. The cockpit will move up and down, left and right, everyone sitting in the cockpit is like beating the big waves in the ocean. After the round time is up, the main board stops and the game ends.

2022 Best Amusement Park Ride Made In China|Factory Price Amusement Park Ride For Sale