Project Description

Scorpion King Amusement Park Swing Ride

Technical Parameter

Scope Of Application

  • The amusement park swing ride is suit for the amusement park and other indoor and outdoor place of entertainment  for use;
  • The machine is suit for use under the area of 2000m elevation;
  • The temperature is between-20℃~40℃ and the relative humidity of environment is less than 90%;
  • Power:3N-380V/220V 50Hz,TN-S earthing system;
  • The fluctuation range of the supply voltage shall not exceed the rated value + 10%;
  • The equipment can not be installed under the high tension line.


  • Scorpion King amusement park swing ride is a new product which is made by our company.It has been push off according to the market requirement, and with the new theme of scorpion element.The players seat in the cabins around on the circular chassis.As the music sounds,the circular chassis will up and revolving and move.With the strong role of centrifugal force, so fast sometimes or softly and comfortable.Not only make you feel exciting,but also enjoy safety and comfortable.It’s very popular for the younger people and their family.The most new type amusement rides in the different kinds of amusement park.It is definitely a best option to invest in the amusement park,shopping malls and game centers.
  • General technical conditions of the machine in accordance with the national standard GB8408-2008< entertainment equipment facility security specification > and GB/T18164-2008 , we provide design, manufacture. The whole production process has a strict quality assurance system, the whole structure is provided with reliable safety device, equipped with safety protection of seat belt, the machine in the factory by strict quality inspection. In line with national standards, can be manufactured.

Operating principle and structure

The component of machine

  • The machine is consist of base frame、electrical appliance device、revolving device、cabin’s  components and control cabinet.After to provide electric, the cabins have been rotating through electrical appliance device and the drive motor of revolving device runs to make the cabins revolving of corotation and transpose with uniform motion.It shows the 3D effect of sway and corotation and transpose motion which is because of their revolving device system work coordinated.

Electric system working principle

  • To wiring the power of AC 380V to the control cabinet via main power. To wiring the air switch in the control cabinet,then turn on the key of“Power”switch on the control cabinet panel to control the electric circuit and waiting for next step.
  • Push the button of “start”on control cabinet panel,after prepare bell about 5 seconds from the electric circuit,it to be in runs timing state,the variable-frequency drive provide the power supply to the sway motor of front and back, and the motor start to run according to the instruction.Via the combination motor of electrical appliance device system to move by co-rotation and transpose, to reach the effect of equipment’s swaying and revolving. The variable-frequency drive provide the power supply to the revolve motor,co-rotation and transpose motion of motor will be control by the control electric circuit so that make the equipment has function of co-rotation and transpose. The power of light board is DC12V.When the games over,the warming bell about 5 seconds will be send out from the electric circuit,the electrical appliance device and revolving motor will stop to provide the power supply meanwhile and stop working also. The machine will return to the original position and stop to move.

外观 4 外观 5

Installation and testing of machine

The preparation work before installation

  • Confirm the installation place(The area and height space of amusement park should be satisfied of the machine to runs normally);
  • To make an inventory of goods via packing list;
  • Read and lean the manual and equipment structure’ content carefully;
  • It’s requested at least 1 relevant qualification certificates (installation, modification) owner with skilled labors during the installation.

Tools prepared

  • Common tools for mechanical and electric installation.
  • Chain hoist (2 tons),steel wire ( Dia – 10mm),lock catch;
  • Safety helmet、glove、plain glass.

Install procedure

  • Installation of the component for base frame The component for base frame consist of base frame、base chassis、motor components and signal test parts. The machine to be fix steady with screw and become be a completed base frame.After assembly,to be required both side of left and right are horizontal and neatly,it should be vertical with end frame,to make sure all cabins can running normally finally.
  • Installation of the components of FRP To install the cabins of the base chassis according to the item number,then install other FRP decoration.Last to install the stair.
  • Debugging On the basis of machine’s design requirement to wiring related power,after power supply to turn on power switch and others.Waiting and every indicator should be working state.
  • Equipment work testing Make sure there are no obstacles around and nobody allowed to sit on the equipment. Press the “START” button then after 3 seconds of the bell , the car start to moving. When the game over ,you heard the bell again and the machine stop . During the working please monitor the progress and stop the machine once any problem. It’s better to do the record for the later adjustments.


  • The equipment should be operated by the specialized technician.
  • Turn on the Power Switch and the Electric Leakage Switch in the control cabinet.
  • Press“START”button,after the bell rings,the machine star to work . The timing relay can control and setting time until to stop the machine inside of preset-time.
  • To run no load for three times every day before do business.Make sure everything is fine that can do business.
  • The players are requested to fasten the seat belt.
  • Any problem during the machine running ,press the “STOP” button, the machine stop working.
  • Restart the machine from the sudden stop, please 60ºright to rotate the “STOP” button to reset the system , and can restart .
  • When the game over , the car should normally aimed at the platform and stop . Then the players can get off .
  • Turn off the power when off duty.


  • If there are some trouble or dangerous things were happen when the machine was running,press the “Emergency stop”button to stop it.
  • Need to do safety inspection in details for the equipment before start working everyday.
  • The equipment uses frequency conversion start up, when start please make sure the machine is completely stop from the last moving .
  • The machine start to work from slowly to fast.Do not push it energetically when its running.
  • When get seat(s) free, it advice the plays don’t sit on the same side of the car. It’s very important to disperse the weight and keep the car runs stability. (Prolongs the service life)
  • Turn off the power when off duty.
  • In adverse weather ( Thunderstorms, wind velocity>15m/s, the temperature under -20℃ or above 40℃) , stop using the equipment.

Operator regulations

  • Need specially-assigned person take in charge operation and daily maintain,to be required know operate producer.
  • Daily trial operation everyday, everything is normal before do business.
  • Repair the equipment in time when find something trouble.Do not runs it with some trouble.
  • Please noted to keep the machine and environment around cleaning.


  • Note:The Power Supply Must Be Cut-Off!!!
  • It’s requested the professional person to do the inspection.(Chart 1-4)
  • If there are something wrong with machine,stop it and ask the maintainer to repair,can be work after repair.
  • The equipment should be fully overhauled every month.Overhaul Contents:
  • Check whether the loosening of screws
  • Check the lubrication situation of the bearings, axle pins and the wheel gear , replenish the lubricating oil when needed . Gear oil should be replenished into the reduction gears after runs 6 months.
  • The Cycloid Reducer cannot runs without gear oil, or it will damaged.
  • The Frequency Converter cannot debugging by non-professional person . Any problem please contact the equipment supplier .
  • The designed serving time of the equipment is 10 years. After the machine worked 4800 hours(2 years) , you need to carefully check all the axle pins and welds. The axle pins may need to changed and the welds need to solder again when necessary.


  • Note:The power should be off when checking the machines


Failure Reason Solutions
No Power l The fuse fails.

l Air switch tripped

l Change fuse.

l Flip the switch on.

The Equipment doesn’t work , or doesn’t works well .

l No output voltage of the 220V/15V Transformer.

l The “Start” and “Stop” are damaged , or connected fails .

l The AC contactor connect fails.

l Problem of The Rotating Device.

l Re-connect the 15V wire,Change the Transformer (If damaged )

l Re-connect the buttons, or change the buttons.

l Change the AC contactor .

l Check the tautness of the triangle belt/ Check the tire pressure.

No Music

l The loudspeakers damaged .

l Control (Music PCB) damaged .

l Connects fails .

l Change loudspeaker(s).

l Change Music PCB .(Or the music format .)

l Re-connect the wire.

The LED Lights Winked Out

l The conducting ring doesn’t energized.

l The relay was damaged .

l The light bulbs burnt out.

l Change the carbon brush

l Change the relay.

l Change the light bulbs.

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Amusement Park Swing Ride safety work manger management practices

Passenger Notice

  • The children under five or height under 1.1m are not allowed to play alone.
  •  People with Heart disease, Hypertension, Epilepsy are declined.
  •  Eating and smoking is not allowed during the playing .

Urgent Dispersion

  • During the machine running, in case of emergency ,press the “stop” button to stop the machine.
  • Cut the power and get the passenger down after the machine completely stop .
  • Need to do dispersion test per three month and make a record.

Daily Operation /Maintainer requirement

  • The operator/maintainer should be trained before operate the equipment .
  • The operator/maintainer will handling the daily operation and the inspection , and the base repair.
  • Before start the machine , the operator and maintainer should explaining the notice to player and check the safety device.Make sure the passengers already fasten the seat belt,nobody stay in the platform and nothing inside of the site,the machine can start work.
  • During the machine running , please do the monitor.Once any problem , stop the machine.
  • During the machine running ,the operator can’t leave it;The machine cannot operated by the non-trained people.
  • The equipment should be test and make safety inspection before do business.Such as the safe belt is fine or the screw is loose or not,to make sure the machine without any trouble for playing.
  • After day-off,operator should cleaning the park everyday.The maintainer should make inspection and maintain to the machine to make sure it runs normally next day.
  • The operator should do the inspection everyday and make the record.
  • Do not move the electric circuit randomly,if there are something wrong with machine,ask the professional to dealing it.
  • switch off the power when When the operator leave the control room.


  • The user should keep to save the goods sign,Certificate of approval,sales contract, purchase
    proof  and technical document.
  • All the after-sale problem please call 13928150694 turn to the After-Sale department.
  • The operator should read this manual before operate the equipment. The warranty period of all our products is six months after the equipment arrival to the customers. ( Except the man-made damage and the irresistible incidents, like the bad weather , earthquake and so on …)
  • During the warranty period , we will only charge the customers for the freight of the spare parts .
  • When the customer planing to do the major repair work, please contact the manufacturer for seek advice. Our company is NOT liable for any accident , if the equipment were operated / repaired by the people without authorization.