Scorpion King Amusement Park Swing Ride

Technical Parameter

Scope Of Application

  • The amusement park swing ride is suit for the amusement park and other indoor and outdoor place of entertainment  for use;
  • The machine is suit for use under the area of 2000m elevation;
  • The temperature is between-20℃~40℃ and the relative humidity of environment is less than 90%;
  • Power:3N-380V/220V 50Hz,TN-S earthing system;
  • The fluctuation range of the supply voltage shall not exceed the rated value + 10%;
  • The equipment can not be installed under the high tension line.


  • Scorpion King amusement park swing ride is a new product which is made by our company.It has been push off according to the market requirement, and with the new theme of scorpion element.The players seat in the cabins around on the circular chassis.As the music sounds,the circular chassis will up and revolving and move.With the strong role of centrifugal force, so fast sometimes or softly and comfortable.Not only make you feel exciting,but also enjoy safety and comfortable.It’s very popular for the younger people and their family.The most new type amusement rides in the different kinds of amusement park.It is definitely a best option to invest in the amusement park,shopping malls and game centers.
  • General technical conditions of the machine in accordance with the national standard GB8408-2008< entertainment equipment facility security specification > and GB/T18164-2008 , we provide design, manufacture. The whole production process has a strict quality assurance system, the whole structure is provided with reliable safety device, equipped with safety protection of seat belt, the machine in the factory by strict quality inspection. In line with national standards, can be manufactured.

Operating principle and structure

The component of machine

  • The machine is consist of base frame、electrical appliance device、revolving device、cabin’s  components and control cabinet.After to provide electric, the cabins have been rotating through electrical appliance device and the drive motor of revolving device runs to make the cabins revolving of corotation and transpose with uniform motion.It shows the 3D effect of sway and corotation and transpose motion which is because of their revolving device system work coordinated.

Electric system working principle

  • To wiring the power of AC 380V to the control cabinet via main power. To wiring the air switch in the control cabinet,then turn on the key of“Power”switch on the control cabinet panel to control the electric circuit and waiting for next step.
  • Push the button of “start”on control cabinet panel,after prepare bell about 5 seconds from the electric circuit,it to be in runs timing state,the variable-frequency drive provide the power supply to the sway motor of front and back, and the motor start to run according to the instruction.Via the combination motor of electrical appliance device system to move by co-rotation and transpose, to reach the effect of equipment’s swaying and revolving. The variable-frequency drive provide the power supply to the revolve motor,co-rotation and transpose motion of motor will be control by the control electric circuit so that make the equipment has function of co-rotation and transpose. The power of light board is DC12V.When the games over,the warming bell about 5 seconds will be send out from the electric circuit,the electrical appliance device and revolving motor will stop to provide the power supply meanwhile and stop working also. The machine will return to the original position and stop to move.

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