Safari Bus Amusement Tour Car Ride


Capacity: 18 people

Voltage: 50Hz 3 phase 380V

Rated power: 30kW

Rotation speed: 8rpm (adjustable)

Linear speed: 1.9m/s

Equipment operating height: 4.8m

Swing diameter: 3.6m

Equipment height: 6.3m

Total weight of equipment: 92000kg

Floor area: 13m×6.5m

Theoretical passenger capacity: 216PPH

The design service life of the whole machine is 15 years

Application range:amusement park、playground、theme park.

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Product Description

Safari Bus is a sightseeing car tour

Music facilities, belonging to the flying carpet series. The cockpit of the equipment turns around this horizontal axis. Due to the fast turning speed, the passengers constantly change the direction of acceleration in the cockpit, which feels like taking a bus on a constantly undulating road. Therefore, the shape of the cockpit is designed in the shape of a bus, with a cute shape, which is especially loved by children


Mobile equipment, with its own enlarged steel structure foundation, no need for fixed foundation installation.

Single motor, double output, good synchronization rate of boom operation.

Using DC motor and speed controller, the operation is more stable.

The safety restraint device adopts mechanical mechanism to lock and open the operation is simple and reliable

Concept of design

The inspiration of the design comes from life, the form of the bus on the undulating road, the passengers are bumping and shaking in the bus. In order to simulate the state of the bus when it is running, the equipment is designed to rotate in the vertical plane. However, the operation of the equipment is different from the slow speed of the observation car. When the cockpit runs at a certain speed, the passengers in the cockpit can obviously feel the weightlessness brought by the ups and downs of the vehicle.