Project Description

Happy Castle Arcade Basketball Game Machine



  • The game is a redemption game which is on the theme of castle defence.
  • The game is new, exciting and entertaining

how to play arcade basketball

  • Insert coins and press the button to start the game.
  • Throw the basketballs into the holes to hit the monsters and defend the castle.
  • There are three levels: Forest Castle, Ice Castle, Iron Castle.
  • If you pass the three levels, you can enter the bonus game.

Arcade Basketball game machine dimension and technical parameter

  • Voltage: AC220V±5% 50Hz or AC 110V±5% (or make the reference with the mark);
  • Power:400 W;
  • Dimension:W1325*D2015*H2850 (mm)
  • Weight:250 kg;

Fixed and moving, yuto arcade basketball games installation

  • This machine only can be use in the indoor, outdoor is prohibitedIt will affect the function if you use it outdoor.
  • Range for placement:The machine should be placed as the following range, enough space can make it cool down better.


  • Do NOT used in the following places
  1. Place where leakage or high humidity
  2. Close to the places of high temperature objects
  3. Close to dangerous goods.
  4. Slippery or unstable place.
  5. Equipment close to the spark
  6. Shock serious place
  7. Dusty environment
  • When moving it , you must pay attention to the following:
  1. You must turn off the power and pull the power connection out 6before moving.
  2. If the caster can not move, please change the castors.
  3. Any moving, turning and transport artificial random could damage the device and destroyed the mechanical properties .
  4. Confirmed the process of moving , flipping and transportation meet the manufacturers requirements.
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