Project Description

60 inch LCD Screen Basketball Arcade Game For Sale

Introduction :

  • King of the Street Basketball is a sport and entertainment game. The game is where players throw basketball into the basket and reach the score of the level to get the score and victory of the game. The single seat of the machine can compete with adjacent machines. The scene elements using 3D design, interactive design with players during the game to increase the fun of the game.

How to play

  • Coin operated mode:The player need to put in game currency to start the game;
  • Free play mode:The free play mode does not need to put in tokens, you can play by pressing the start button directly. The gameplay is the same as the coin mode, but the lottery will not be refunded;
  • Game operation:After inserting the coin, press the button in the middle to enter the game, select the difficulty first, and then take a photo. After taking the photo, choose single or double mode, and then pitch the ball normally to get points.
60 inch LCD Screen Basketball Arcade Game For Sale

Why chose us

Where to purchase the street indoor basketball arcade machine?

As the origin of the arcade games machine, China is the best choice for buying basketball arcade game machine. Here you can find the lowest price with best quality and get the most professional after-sales service. As a professional arcade game machine manufacturer, Yuto games has hundreds of basketball arcade game for sale.

And Yuto games also support to customize the programs  according to customer demand.

The machine cabinet frame: Produce with steel and moisture-proof density board. The bracket is made of square steel pipe and thickened mesh.

The chassis is manufacture by the thickened moisture-proof density board to keep the stable.

Machine shooting display screen: use PC endurance board

Basketball hoop: stainless steel

Coin acceptor (CPU microcomputer memorizes coins, effectively prevents counterfeit coins)The movement performance adopts high endurance motor to control the left and right movement of the basketball hoop, and the performance is stable.

Metal photoelectric scoring device to reduce random scoring and non-scoring phenomenon.

LED display panel, it can be seen clearly under sunlight.

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