Project Description

Food Carnival 2  Arcade Coin Pusher for sale

Arcade Coin Pusher Parameter

  • Size: W700*D840*H1900

  • Weight: 108

  • Power: 108

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Arcade Coin Pusher

How To Play Arcade Coin Pusher

  • Press the button to control the direction of the wiper coin drop, the player puts in game coins and participates in the game;

  • Game coins fall freely through the pegboard. When passing the grid below, the corresponding pattern in the 9 grids is illuminated (the coin at the same grid position passes three times and enters the next round of the game). In the 9 grids, as long as the three adjacent grids are in a line, you can get Lottery prizes corresponding to the corresponding lines on the left;

  • Coins that are pushed down by the push plate will receive corresponding lottery rewards, and the capsules that have been pushed down will receive corresponding gift rewards;

  • When the 9 grids are connected into 8 lines, start the wheel of fortune, and get corresponding rewards when you set it. When you stop at the carnival position, you have to connect the JP prize.

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