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1.Game introduction

Game Attributes: Justice Force

Game Features:

1). The game adopts 1080P high-definition picture quality and next-generation engine as the development basis.

2). The game adopts the theme of pure justice, which is based on anti-terrorism and supplemented by resisting the invasion of alien creatures to promotes positive energy.

3). The game takes the AK gun as the first choice, and added a variety of props for random use at the same time, which is including shotguns, grenades, M16, rockets, and the powerful Gatling with gives realistic dynamic feedback to the players

4). There are seven scenes in the whole game, and the details of each scene are very delicate, also the sense of game immersion and visual impact is particularly strong.

5). There are various game modes, including bullet mode, time mode, and time-limited mode. Each mode is more like tailor-made for different business modes of different venues.

6). The game introduces the MVP photo reward method, highlighting the glory of the winner and awarding the Justice Warrior Medal.

7). Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.


2、 Game interface

1). Game loading screen (appears after the game starts.)

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2). Scene description (The scene will be repeated indefinitely, and you can play by inserting coins.)

Currently There are six levels in the game, and the scene will be expanded in future. The following is an explanation:

① The first drop of blood

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Difficulty: two stars

Introduction: The first level is the anti-drug war in the jungle. Drug traffickers are rampant at the border of a certain country, and their base camp is a small village in the jungle. It is heavily guarded and easy to defend but difficult to attack. The player’s task is to wipe out all the drug dealers and destroy their base camp.

② Zombie crisis

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Difficulty: three stars

Introduction: Terrorists have occupied a hospital and released the RS virus. All victims have died and turned into terrifying zombies. To prevent the spread of the virus, players must be attack the hospital and eliminate all zombies.

③ Counter-Strike

Best Arcade Light Gun Shooting Games Made In China

Difficulty: Four Stars