Product Specifications

Machine size(D*W*H):2645mm*954mm*2635mm

Packed size(D*W*H):630*980*1030mm ;2080*980*2050mm

Weight :390Kg

Voltage: AC 110V/220V

Frequency range :50HZ/60HZ

Power: 296W

Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

arcade sports games


The game scene is very exciting, easy to attract players to play the game, simple and easy to understand;

Mechanical mechanism is durable.The company infrared is imported from Japan infrared light eyes, and the relay also adopts omron genuine brand.Ensure that the machine is stable and reliable for customers;

The control circuit is stable and reliable. After years of practical use, the program is stable;

Select a high quality lottery machine, suitable for the general type of coin-operated or transferrable card swipe system;

How to play

Enter the token or read the IC card, and press the yellow/blue button in the console to start the game.

The player throws the take-off plate at the object in the video for hitting.The game process has 4 levels!

Every time a player enters a level, the value of the lottery will increase!

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