Mars sports Boxing Arcade Machine For Game Center

Boxer Hitting Punching Machine Product Specifications

  • Voltage & Frequency Voltage: 220V
  • Frequency: 50/60 HZ
  • Size Machine size: (W980) x (D1430) x (H2350) mm
  • Number of players: 1~4 people
  • Use environment: indoor dedicated
  • Applicable temperature: 0°C~40°C f. Applicable humidity 10%~70%
  • Power consumption: Maximum power: 380 W Standby power: 250 W
  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

2022 Most Popular Boxer Hitting Punching Machine|Boxing Machine For Sale

Game introduction

After inserting coins, please choose “Single Button” or “Connect Button” to play.

Press the “start button” to hit the ball and it will drop.

Hit the batting ball forward, and the batting ball will bounce automatically.

The display board will show the hit score.

The person with the highest score will become the champion record holder.

If a lottery ticket is set, the number of lottery tickets will be output according to the setting.

If a gift is set, the gift will be output according to the setting.

Basic product parameters:


Normally, the pouch bag boxing game height is 2.1 meter to 2.2 meter. For our mars boxing game, the standard version height is 2.35 meter and still have the upgrade version which 2.45 meter height. These all are more suitable for the stronger man.

2022 Most Popular Boxer Hitting Punching Machine|Boxing Machine For Sale


Nearly all boxing game in the market from China are around 200KG. But for our mars pouch bag boxing game, it is up to 286KG. The increase weight ensure more stable use during play.

Appearance features:

1.Mars pouch bag boxing game machine use unique rotomolding mold. As we all know, no matter the Chinese boxing game or other countries boxing games. They are mostly focus on the top line. But for our mars boxing game, we add the Shark shape. Connected to the bean, it is like a standby fist. Just wait for the game start, it will be strong hit the pouch bag. Really very attractive..

2.In the score part area, our Mars pouch boxing game use the best quality acrylic. It’s thickness come to 5mm at the body and add to the second showing acrylic, the final thickness is 13mm. Really nice to shockproof and explosion-proof. For the main body metal, it is adopting whole shaped technology. The product has the characteristic of high intensity and durability. The metal thickness is come to 1.5 to 3.5mm. Finally, for the sensor, what we use is the one which import from Japan. It can be ensure the good sensitivity and longer using time.

2022 Most Popular Boxer Hitting Punching Machine|Boxing Machine For Sale