Project Description

Coin operated Happy Baby 2 Arcade Tickets Games

Arcade Ticket Games


  • Happy Baby 2 is a children’s mechanical game machine with basketball as the element. The gameplay is simple and fun. The basketball is bounced into the basketball hoop to score points by tapping and hitting the ball. The more goals you score, the higher your score. Lovely appearance, dazzling lighting, suitable for children and teenagers to play.


  • After the player inserts the coin, press the batting button to start the game. The basketball hoop will move left and right at the beginning of the game. Increase the difficulty of basketball entering the frame. Bounce the basketball into the basketball hoop by tapping the left and right buttons to get points. The more goals you score, the higher the score you will get rewards if you meet certain requirements.

Technical Parameter

  • Environmental requirements: temperature range 20℃~40℃, low radiation, low humidity, low vibration.
  • Dimensions: length 78*width 53*height 125CM
  • Carton packaging size: length 82*width 55*height 127CM
  • Wooden frame packaging size: length 89*width 61*height 135CM
  • Net weight: 55KG Gross weight: 75KG
  • Power supply voltage: AC110-220~50Hz
  • Standby power: 50W
  • Maximum power: 80W Number of players: single