Project Description

Coin operated Hover Race Arcade Tickets Games

Brief Description

  • Space Pusher is coin operated amusement machine ( TICKET). Player insert the coin(s) ,then start playing the game by control the button . Press the button, the coins come out from the tube and drop into the wheel or the coins pushing platform. By calculate the quantity of the coins fall into the funnel , to win tickets or awards .

Arcade Tickets Games

Technical Parameters

  • Size:L1790×W990×H2570mm
  • Weight :250KG
  • Voltage:AC110v OR AC220v

Space pusher is indoor carnival redemption game (coin operated) . Press the start button,the rising motor push the coins up , the coins come out through the groove and slid to thewheel in Center , or, fall into the pallet. There are 3 ways to get the rewards : 1、By calculatethe coins pushed into the funnel to win ticket(s)。2、By calculate the plastic medals pushedout 。3、Coin(s) slid into the center wheel / hole to win extra rewards .