Project Description

Foldable Best Basketball Game Machine

Basketball Arcade Machine Gameplay

  • Insert the tokens, press the start button to play
  • Complete the levels within the setting time, total 3 levels
  • Game start, Before the last 15 second, the wining ball bring 2 score for each. 15 seconds before times up, the wining ball bring 3 score for each. After it meet the target score, it will be come to the next stage.
  • More wining more score at the limited time.

Basketball Arcade Games Specification

  • Name: Normal Basketball
  • Size: W100*D264*H233cm
  • Power:100W
  • Parts: 5 basketball and 1 units Inflator
  • Player: Insert the token and then meet the winner score. From the second level, the basket will be moving.
baskball game machine foldable
  • Metal Net
  • Metal material, sturdy and durable, support to reduce the friction of the basketball machine arcade and increase its service life
  • Coarse sieve and square bracket
  • Use thickened square steel pipe as the overall support, and also the thickened cylinder direct injection sieve which effectively prevent the basketball from running out, sturdy and durable
  • Automatic ball blocking device
  • After inserting the token, press the start button, the basketball board will automatically lower, and the basketball can roll down to play.
  • Disassembly to shipping
  • The whole machine is delivered in two parts, the fuselage and the main box. Easy to move and save space
  • Voice report and LED display
  • Three-screen LED display scoreboard, display vertical high score record, time and score. Voice score report with background music throughout the process

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