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Batman Arcade Game Parameter

  • Machine size: W1100mm*D1750mm*H2400mm
  • Number of packing: 4m³
  • Weight: 280kg
  • Power: 450w
  • Number of players: 1
  • LCD size: 42

Batman Arcade Game Description

  • In Batman Arcade Game, a very cool arcade driving and shooting game, the player becomes the famous “Cape Rider”, then choose one of ten cool Batmobiles, step on the thundering accelerator, and Get ridof the criminals in the streets of Gotham City!
  • In the game, players can try to defeat the famous Batman villains such as Bain, Frozen, and Joker. The Batman steering wheel includes triggers to facilitate launching weapons. The game sets up game tasks based on encouraging gameplay, and the player account system tracks the player’s tasks and high scores.
  • Equipped with a huge and luminous “Bat Badge” canopy and Batman-shaped seats, more than 500 cabinet LED lights, can attract the attention of players almost anywhere! Bring your partner and become a cool “cloak knight” and fight together!
Buy Batman Arcade Game Machine|2022 Most Popular Arcade Driving Game For Sale

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