2022 Best 360 virtual reality Chair|Virtual Reality Arcade Games|VR Arcade Room Game Machine For Sale

Technical Specifications

  • Size:220*180*310CM
  • Product Size:220*280CM
  • Net Weight:320KG
  • Power:2500W
  • Player:2
  • Loading capacity:0-200KG
  • Games :18+
  • Helmet:DPVR E3
  • CPU:Intel I5-6400
  • Mainboard:Gigabyte H110M /ASUS H110
  • Graphics Card :GTX1050
  • Solid State Drive:Kingston 240G SSD
  • Memory:Kingston 8G 3200
2022 Best 360 virtual reality Chair|Virtual Reality Arcade Games|VR Arcade Room Game Machine For Sale


This is a true 360-degree rotating aircraft that can make your every cell quiver and make you scream every moment. The content tailored by the professional R&D team will make you confused between virtual and reality. With colorful lights and the screams of players, you can always see it at a glance no matter where it is.

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How to start a VR arcade

  • Sourcing the VR info

    Get the VR product features, pick the whole range of the VR games and the most popular games

  • Budget

    Please base on your budget to confirm the project finance. Including the location decoration, staff labor and game machine purchase cost.

  • Choose your VR theme Park location

    Please think about the people flow and conversion rate. Choose the place with more convenient transportation. Secondly, please think about the consumption level. So the suggestion is: 1-The middle of Shopping mall or escalator corner, dining area, family entertainment center, etc. 2. Scenic spots.

  • Analyze your customers

    Composition of analysts: floating population, resident population;

    Age composition: adults, children

  • Selected the suitable VR games

    Base on the place size, combined with the different game play to confirm the game machine quantity and size.

    Base on the player age or hobby to choose the game machine.

    Base on your budget to choose your the VR games

  • Staff training and advertising

    Arrange the staff training and advertising in advance

  • Cooperation to expand business

    VR Theme Park + Coffee Shop, VR Theme Park  + Internet Cafe, VR Theme Park  + Video Games, VR Theme Park  + Board Games, VR Theme Park  + Bar, VR Theme Park  + KTV, VR Theme Park  + Restaurant, VR Theme Park  + Bookstore

  • Opening events and promotions

    Promotional activities will increase customer flow in the store, accumulate old customers, and increase the turnover for VR theme park. Promotional activities are generally promotions at a specific time. Such as opening promotions, holiday promotions, etc. Before the promotion starts, pay attention to preheating. After the event is over, it should be summed up in time. For example: member recharge gift, discount points, etc.