Feel the extreme speed of ascent, weightless fall, fast turns, forward and backward pitching, etc., the extreme actions of air flight.


Game type: flight/space/adventure
Specifications: 2960*1400*1600 MM
Weight: 480 KG
Load capacity: 100 KG
Number of games:  11
Number of people to experience: single person
Electricity requirements: 220V/2650W
Monitor: 443-inch high-definition display
Area: 2960*1400 MM
Application range: amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center.

vr birdly


Safe and solid structural design, perfect match between content and dynamic platform

Large-angle structured design is more exciting and realistic

EMPOWER Extreme Sports Series Products-Wingsuit Flying VR Experience

Adventure/virtual reality movies, supporting content customization development

Stylish and cool appearance design, intelligent dynamic control, equipped with hair drying effects

Game content

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