Project Description

Jackpot Best Coin Pusher for sale

Best Coin Pusher Machine features

  • Refundable currency/ticket issuance;
  • The amusement machine has novel and exciting gameplay, and is extremely entertaining;
  • The appearance design is beautiful and generous, the patterns are bright and delicate, and the materials are exquisite;
  • Using large-scale integrated circuits and built-in programs, stable and reliable working performance;
  • Use imported lottery machines to adapt to common types of lottery tickets;
  • Adjustable revenue, game scoring status, awards and other parameters are adjustable;
  • Strong compatibility and scalability.

Best Coin Pusher Technical Parameter

  • Working voltage: AC220V±10%;
  • Power consumption: 250W
  • Dimensions: W1408×D1028×H2300mm;
  • Environmental conditions: (indoor) temperature: -10℃∽+40℃; humidity: ≤90%; atmospheric pressure: 86KPa∽106KPa;
  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall.
Jackpot Best Coin Pusher

Do not use the machine in the following places:

  • The machine will produce condensed water or condensation places with high humidity;
  • Near high temperature objects;
  • Places close to dangerous goods;
  • In a smooth or unstable place;
  • Near the equipment prone to sparks;
  • In a place with severe vibration;
  • In a dusty environment.

Attention must be paid when handling:

  • Before moving, turn off the power and disconnect the power source connection.
  • If the casters cannot rotate when moving, please replace the casters.
  • Random man-made movement, turnover, transportation, etc. will damage the equipment and destroy the mechanical performance.
  • Confirm that it meets the manufacturer’s requirements during the process of moving, turning, and transporting.

Best Coin Pusher Machine play

  • Coins enter the turntable through the bridge;
  • Enter the turntable to get the second chance to win;
  • Turn the wheel to stop the stop position to get the corresponding game coin;
  • Connect the coin counter to withdraw the coin;
  • Set the dial code to issue tickets, and set the corresponding number of tickets to issue tickets;
  • Revenue can be set by yourself;
  • The speed of the bridge can be adjusted by itself;
  • The machine can choose 3 modes of pure coin issuing / pure ticket issuing / coin issuing ticket mixing;
  • In the ticket issuing mode, you can choose to issue tickets immediately/and issue tickets after pressing the button for a long time;

Jackpot Best Coin Pusher Made In China|2022 High quality Coin Pusher Arcade Game For Sale