Paradise Lost best shooting arcade game


  • Size: W1350mm*D2700mm*H2220mm

  • Volume: 5m³

  • Weight:240KG

  • Power:480W

  • Player:2

  • Screen size:55‘

Paradise lost Shooting Arcade features:

The game operation is very easy, sweep the aliens, but don’t hurt other soldiers.

  • After selecting the gun, drop coins in the corresponding dropper, and then press the START button.

  • Choose STORY mode to start from the beginning; or CHAPTER mode to choose the starting level. You can disable chapter mode in the OPERATOR MENU, please refer to Chapter 11 Game Adjustments Menu.

  • In the base, shoot the aliens with guns, grenades, flamethrowers or rockets!

  • Do not shoot other soldiers, it will reduce your health!

  • Shoot at the weapons and medicine cabinets that appear to increase your ammunition and health. Pay attention to obtaining fuel for weapons and flamethrowers for specific purposes.

  • When your game is about to end, a countdown will appear on the screen. To continue, insert a coin in the coin acceptor next to you, and then press the START button.

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How to play adult paradise lost shooting game machine:

  • After inserting the coin, press Start to build, select the level and start the game;

  • Trigger, fire bullets, the trigger can be fired continuously in a few seconds;

  • Red round button: The function depends on which weapon is used in the game, there are grenades and rockets; the default is grenades;

  • Yellow square button: This button is a flamethrower.

Menu Screen Layout

best shooting arcade game

Set (Test) Ok (Select) Up key (Volume +) Down key (volume -)

  • A list of menus appears on the left side of the screen, moving between the menu bars using VOL UP and VOL DOWN keys, and the details of each menu are displayed in the center of the screen.

Coin SETTINGS (Select GAME SETTINGS to enter)

  • Then select the third item (Credits per Play (1-20):4, indicating 4 coins per play, and the fourth item indicates the number of coins per play(1-20): Change it to the same value

best shooting arcade game

Contrallor Test

  • This menu is used to test and calibrate firearms.

  • The menu screen shows two large squares, each representing the range of motion of a gun.The numbers on each square show the “X” and “Y” coordinates currently represented by each gun and its current position, with the small blue pointer inside the square representing the gun’s current position.When you move the gun, the pointer moves and the value of the current position changes.

  • Each large square has a small block labeled “Trigger” that lights up when you pull the gun.Press the Thumb key, the small box marked “Hat” will light up.

best shooting arcade game
best shooting arcade game
best shooting arcade game
  • An arrow will appear on the left side of the screen, point the gun at the center on the left side of the TV, and pull the trigger button.

  • Correct the right, top and bottom boundaries as prompted on the screen.

  • When you’re done, you can recalibrate the other guns or press the BACK key to exit.

2022 Best Shooting Arcade game For Sale|Paradise Lost Arcade Game For Sale