Hero Punching Boxing Arcade Games Machine For Sale

Punching Machine Game For Sale Description

This Hero arcade boxing game machine is our latest new arrival kids game machine. It is specially designed as an indoor amusement children’s entertainment arcade machine. The machine is novel, beautiful and reliable, easy to operate, and safe. It is a good product integrating sports and entertainment.

Punching Machine Game Features:

  •  It is an exciting, and full of leisure and entertainment game machine. Play method is simple.
  •  The appearance design is beautiful and vivid, easily to catch people’s eyes
  • It is made of MDF, angle iron and sheet metal. The metal is rust-proofed, safe and durable;
  •  Adopt large-scale integrated circuit, built-in program, stable and reliable working performance;
  • The game program and revenue ratio are finely adjustable.

Punching Machine Game Parameter:

  • Working Voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz
  • Power: mix 200W ~ max 520W
  • Dimensions: L1544×W1462×H2641 mm
  • Weight: 235 kg
  • Environmental conditions: temperature (indoor): -10℃~+40℃; humidity: ≤90%; atmospheric pressure: 86Pa~106Pa.
Punching Machine Game

How to play punching machine game:

Insert coins and start the game.

Aim and hit the target. You can get the scores by hitting it.

Within stipulated time of the game, if your score reaches or exceeds the preset value, a prize will be awarded!