Project Description

60 Inches Decisive Battle Jurassic Shooting Arcade Machine


  • Size: 2000*2300*2500
  • Weight: 400
  • Power: 500

60 Inches Decisive Battle Jurassic Shooting Arcade Machine

How To Play

  • Players put in game coins and press the start button to enter the game.
  • Control the selection of game scenes by moving the cursor.
  • The player enters the game and pulls the left and right triggers of the gun to fire bullets. When the bullets are exhausted, press the left button to
  • refill the bullets. Press the gun button on the right to choose 3 different weapons, each of which has a different power.
    At the top of the screen, there is a blood volume representing the player. The monster attacking the player’s blood volume will decrease. When the blood volume in the tank is 0, the game ends, and the player can continue the game with additional coins until the last big boss monster is defeated and the game is successful.
  • If the player hits the monster, he will get a certain score. The accumulated score after the game is over is the number of lottery tickets the player has won.