Project Description

Night Hunter 2 Arcade Shooting Games

Game Introduction

  • Exorcist 2 is based on the western medieval exorcist as the background theme. Players can get corresponding scores by shooting monsters that appear in the game during the game. The game combines a dynamic platform and a locator gun, which can bring players real shock and the best gaming experience.

Night Hunter 2


  • The player inserts coins to start the game. To
  • Players use the night hunter on both sides of the locator gun. Pull the joystick back to complete the bomb change operation. To
  • There are two bullets in the game, namely silver bullet (blue) and holy water bullet (red). When the monster’s eyes are blue, use the silver bullet (blue) to shoot. On the contrary, when the monster’s eyes are red, it should be used. Use holy water bullets (red) to shoot. Below the player’s health bar is an orange energy bar. When the player kills an NPC, a blue light ball will be produced on the NPC. This is the ultimate energy. This light ball will fly to the player’s energy bar. When the energy is full, the fire effect will appear on the left side of the health bar (2P is the right side), and the UI prompt for the ultimate move will appear above the health bar. After the energy is full, when the player presses the button above the gun handle, the ultimate move will be triggered. At this time, the entire health bar will burn and the energy bar will slowly decrease. At this time, the player will have twice the rate of fire and attack power. And it causes 100% real damage to all monsters and key marks. To
  • In addition to shooting, the game will also shoot some interactive plots. Whenever a large interactive plot appears, you will see the prompt UI, and the player can operate the steering wheel according to the UI prompt that appears. There are roughly two types of interaction. The first is to dodge quickly. Players need to react quickly within a limited time and turn the steering wheel slightly to complete the dodge operation. The second is the force interaction. The player needs to continuously turn the steering wheel several times according to the prompt direction within a limited time to complete the force operation.

Game Levels

  • Ice and Snow Castle
  • Misty Swamp
  • The Lost Remains

Game parameters

  • Size: W1360*D2025*H3106mm
  • Power supply: 220V
  • Power: 480-1500W