Project Description

Dreamland City 2 Carnival Coin Pusher Game

Dreamland City 2 Carnival Coin Pusher Game Story Background

  • In ancient times, the heavenly orb was discovered by the ancient Maya. The ancient Maya, who was known for their wisdom, hid the orb in a mysterious ancient city. It is said that if you can find this treasure, you can win the world. Today, let us walk into the Lost City of Fantasy together to find this mysterious and great treasure!

Dreamland City 2 Carnival Coin Pusher Game Machine Introduction:

  • The Lost Magic City 2 lottery machine is a highly interactive lottery machine developed by Guangzhou Aike Animation Technology, Guangzhou Meiyilian Animation Technology Co., Ltd. and Japanese TAITO veteran company engineers after nearly two years. It is also a marketable lottery machine. The only machine with similar gameplay that supports connection.
  • The machine breaks the concept of the traditional coin pusher, and uses coin-operated coins to produce colored balls, reward gold coins, and withdraw from the lottery, making coin pushers more rational and legal.
  • The machine has strong playability and stable program. On the premise of high winning rate, at the same time guarantee the profit points of the venue. The machine has brilliant lights and the mini games are simple and easy to understand. It is a new type of lottery machine aimed at diversified crowds and venues.
  • The machine is set in two pairs, and the new mini game play and connection function are unique in the whole industry. All the accessories of the whole machine are built according to the quality requirements of Japanese products!
Dreamland City 2 Carnival Coin Pusher Game

Dreamland City 2 Carnival Coin Pusher Game Play:

  • Insert a coin to get a colored ball, and the colored ball will be rewarded with a corresponding amount of gold coins when it falls into the fairway.
  • When the colored ball falls into the left and right runner fairways, the roulette wheel rotates. When the pointer reaches the position of 3, 5, 8, 10, the machine will reward the corresponding number of gold coins slipping.
  • When the roulette pointer reaches the position of 30, 50, 100, (you can directly win the prize), you can also play the roulette reward again. When the pointer turns to the 30, 50, 100, 200 position for the second time, you will get the first place. The sum of times + second times, overlapping in the first time points will reward the first time winning * 3 times the gold coins.
  • When the roulette pointer reaches the 200 position, it can hit the connection jackpot. When reaching 30, 50, 100, the sum of the two positions will be awarded. If it is superimposed to the 200 position, the connection bonus of 500-1500 (adjustable) will be directly rewarded.
  • If the second runner reaches the positions 3, 5, 8, and 10, the digital gold coins that arrive the second time will be directly rewarded.

Dreamland City 2 Carnival Coin Pusher Game Prouduct Parameter

  • Working voltage,current: AC220V 50HZ 1.2A  ;AC100-110V 60HZ 2.45A
  • Maximum power: 220V/285W ; 100-110V/550W
  • Size: W790×L1480×H2410(mm)
  • Weight: about 180KG
  • Size of game coins: Φ24*1.8MM(1.7~1.8MM)
  • Game balls: Conventional table tennis

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