Project Description

Down The Clown Arcade Game Machine

 Brief introduction of this product:

  • “Clown Frenzy” is a batting game, picking up the red soft hollow ball and knocking down the clown can score sports games.
  • The more clowns you knock down, the higher the score. When the clown turns red, you get double the score.

Features of this product:

After coining, the game starts, knocks down the Clown, gets the corresponding score, and the game ends with the score to settle the lottery ticket.

Specifications and technical parameters:

  • Working voltage:AC 110V-220V±10%    50Hz±3 Hz;
  •  Power consumption: 150 W(MIN)300 W(MAX);
  •  Machine dimension:L2660+W1050+H2550(mm)。
  •  Environment condition:(indoor) temperature:-10℃~+40℃  humidity:≤90%;Atmospheric pressure:86Pa~106Pa;
  • Weight:about  250kg

Down The Clown

Setting range size: Company(mm)

  •  The machine should be placed in the following dimensions, so that there is enough room for the machine to run and ensure the safety of the customers.

Clown Frenzy

Handling method

  • When remotely handling, packing or binding, the surface requires a layer of cushion to avoid embellishing machine, packaging requirements according to the specific requirements of moving. The top organic sheet can be removed and wrapped separately to save space. When the machine is working, it will be installed.
  • Before switching, the power must be switched off and the power cord removed.
  • Random movements such as movement, overturn and transportation will damage equipment and destroy mechanical properties.
  • Confirm that in mobile, flipping, transportation and other processes to meet the requirements of manufacturers.
  • Maintenance method:Open the back door or front door to repair the inside of the machine

Power wiring method

Clown Frenzy

  • The power cord can not be pressed by heavy objects, which will damage the wire easily lead to short circuit, serious may lead to fire.
  • When pulling out the power cord from the socket, you should grab the plug and pull it out.。
  • You can’t pull the plug directly with wet hands.
  • It is not possible to stretch and twist the power cord, not expose the power cord to the high temperature object.
  • The power cord can not be easily kicked or touched.。
  • Use the correct voltage and fuse (refer to technical parameters).

Game play instructions:

  • Put the token suitable for the machine to start the game.
  • The more clowns you knock down, the higher your score.When the clown turns red, it can double the score.
  • The game time, the number of tickets, etc. can be adjusted according to the actual needs.

Control signals and instructions

  • check the attached I/O table and schematic diagram. The main plane plan can get input from the machine and output the corresponding wiring locations.
  • Dial to adjust the reference I/O table, capital letters for factory settings, users can adjust according to the operating conditions.
  • main plane plane schematic diagram:

Clown Frenzy

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