Voltage: AC 110-220V±10% 50Hz±3 Hz

Power: 350 W (MIN) 450 W (MAX)

Size: L2580×W1130×H2700 (mm)

Weight: 250kg

Application range:amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Hit the Plate

How to play:

1.Insert coins to start the game.The gate opens to release the ball.

2.Pick up the ball, aim and smash the plates on the screen to obtain different scores.

3.There are 3 levels in the game, and the plates in each level will have different movement methods.

4. It mainly tests the player’s reaction speed. After the game is over, lottery tickets are issued based on the set points and the ticket value. The game can also be played in a two-player PK. The winner of the PK will share a certain number of votes with the loser.

The sound of smashing plates and brilliant light effects create an exciting ball-throwing game. It is loved by adults and children.