Project Description

Factory Price Water Park Arcade Machine Kids


  • Size: W1310xD860xH1680;
  • Weight: 150;
  • Power: 800;

Factory Price Water Park Arcade Machine Kids

How To Play:

  • Players insert coins and press the start button to enter the game;
  • Control the water gun to drive the ducklings, and drive the ducklings into the opponent’s hole to score points;
  • Controlling the rotation of the water gun to shoot the windmill is to score;
  • At the end of the game, the more points scored, the more lottery tickets will be drawn.


  • Small mechanical products;
  • Unique theme, beautiful appearance;
  • Reasonable ergonomic design allows players to better integrate the game and experience the immersive fun;
  • The gameplay is novel and exciting, with strong human-computer interaction and full of fun!