Project Description

Flame Hill Coin Pusher Game for sale

How To Play Coin Pusher Game

  • Put in game currency;

  • At the same time, one coin is sent to the physical push plate, and the coin push game is played once;

  • Obtain the firing score, aim and fire (or press and hold for 5 seconds to automatically aim and fire);

  • Cannonballs stun the characters, get tokens dropped from the push plate, and get the opportunity to play the wheel at the same time;

  • The coins that fall from the front of the physical push plate are the game coins rewards the player gets.

Flame Hill Coin Pusher Game

Coin Pusher Game Parameter

  • Size: Length 2080*854*2080 (with top 2500)

  • Weight: 255

  • Power: 650

  • Packing size: length 180cm*width 90cm*height 70cm (single size) length 210cm width 30cm height 100cm (top packaging)

  • Application range:amusement park、Family entertainment center、game center、shopping mall

Coin Pusher Game Introduction

  • Cool appearance, simple excitement, the combination of real coin refund and virtual coin push, and shooting games, revolving games waiting for you to challenge, lottery and game coin rewards are combined, allowing players to continue to challenge and attract a lot of coins.

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