Project Description

Millionaire Coin Pusher Arcade Game For Sale

Game Play:

  • Collect steps cards to go as route in the back screen, collect the diamond on the road,
  • Get 5 diamond to reach jackpot.
  • MONOPOLY Money jackpot Space ship:
  • The jackpot space ship will fall after get jackpot, all the coins inside the space ship will all drops!
  • Two jackpot at the same time:
  • There are two ways to get jackpot, collect diamonds or insert coins the push the small spaceship out.
  • If the players have 4 diamonds, then insert coins, push out the small space ship in the pusher panel.
  • he will get jackpot, big spaceship falls, during this period, the diamond will have big chance to be add,
  • after the spaceship go back, it will drop coins again!
  • Location testing report:We have put in two locations to do the testing.
  • one is in the middle of central city, one is on the third grade city.
Golden City Millionaire


Size: W860*D1200*H2360

Weight: 180

Power: 260