Project Description

Crazy Soccer Arcade Sports Game Machine

crazy soccer arcade game machine

Features and description of games

This machine is a redemption machine that for 1 player, which is designed for public entertainment. The game is simple, stimulating and entertaining. The design is beautiful, bright and delicate. It is a relaxing, entertaining, stable and reliable entertainment machine. This product is suitable for all kinds of game amusement places.

Operating Notes

  • Please check whether the power plug and the power cord are in good condition before the power supply is connected, and check whether the voltage is suitable for the requirements of the machine.
  • The power supply voltage must be used according to the required voltage on the rear cover of the machine.
  • The power supply must be disconnected during maintenance and maintenance
  • Non professionals are not allowed to repair the electronic control device at random.
  • When replacing the device, please choose the appropriate replacement parts that are approved for replacement.
  • When you pull out the power line, you need to grasp the plug, not the wire.
  • Can not plug and pull out the plug with a wet hand, can not force, distort the power line.

Dimension and Technical Parameter

  • Voltage : AC220V±5% 50Hz(or AC 110V±5%, make the reference with the mark);
  • Max Power:250W;
  • Dimension:W1100*D2216*H2433(mm);
  • Weight:About 300kg;
  • Environmental conditions:(Indoor) Temperature:-10~+40°c ; Humidity: ≤ 90%;Atmospheric pressure: 86Pa~106Pa.

Soccer Party User Manual


  • this machine is suitable for indoor use, they are not allowed for outdoor use.Outdoor use will affect the performance of the machine.
  • Mounted range size:Machines should be placed, there is enough space to allow air to flow, cooling of the machine will be better.

Soccer Party User Manual

Description of main parts

1.Main board, power supply box and computer

Soccer Party User Manual

Soccer Party User Manual

2.Menu Board

Soccer Party User Manual

Service Button: Manually insert coins

TEST: Enter the setting, and move downward when you adjust the item

Ticket Refund:Refund ticket after adding tickets

3.Power switch box

Soccer Party User Manual

Switch:Turn on / turn off

Power supply socket:It must be connected to the AC power supply according to the special instructions on the back door of the machine.

Fuse holder:There is fuse,the specification is φ6mm × 30mm

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