Project Description

 Shooting Arcade Game Machine For Sale|Coin Operated Deadstorm Pirates Arcade


  • Size: W1510*D2200*H2120
  • Volume: 7m³
  • Weight:300kg
  • Power: 450W
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:55‘


Deadstorm pirates is a large-scale cockpit shooting game, in which players will be in the age of voyage, looking for the legendary pirate treasures.

During the treasure hunt, players will encounter the guardian treasures Can the three big ocean monsters defeat the sea monster with the golden gun and the cannon of the pirate ship?

It all depends on the player’s skill in the game

Best Shooting Arcade Game Machine For Sale|Coin Operated Deadstorm Pirates Arcade For Sale

Best Shooting Arcade Game Machine For Sale|Coin Operated Deadstorm Pirates Arcade For Sale

2022 Best Shooting Arcade Game Machine For Sale|Coin Operated Deadstorm Pirates Arcade For Sale. Dead Storm Pirates video game machine 7

How to Play:

Start the game with coins (basically four coins per time), enter the level selection interface, except for the Sea Overlord Secret Treasure level, you can choose, among which Sea of ​​Storm is a newbie level. Players need to overcome three major monsters to enter the Sea Overlord level. Secret Treasure level defeat the final Boss Bincent to get the treasure
Game system:
The lower left and lower right of the screen are the character’s health. Minus zero means that you must renew the coin to continue the challenge. If one of the players renews the coin during a two-player game, the renewer can use the roulette mode to restore the other’s health.

Green gems will appear at any time in the game, and when they are shot, they will temporarily increase the attack range of the golden gun. A yellow treasure box will appear in the game. If you choose the right one, you can restore our health. It depends on the player’s luck.

When hitting large enemies and Boss, there will be a yellow circle mark to indicate which part to attack. If the circle mark turns red and fails to break or fails to break all of them, the player will be attacked. If successful, the enemy’s attack can be stopped.

Of course, the enemy’s projectiles will also be prompted. A golden circle mark will appear when playing in two players. , This is to allow both firepower to concentrate on attacking
Break the golden circle mark, the single-player attack will not work.
Players can also use cannons in the game, but there are intervals when the cannons fire the cannonballs, so
Give priority to destroying shells fired by the enemy.
The difficulty of the game is generally high, there are more enemies when two players are playing, and the golden circle mark must be
Both must be combined to attack to break, so it would be a big mistake to think that the difficulty will be reduced when playing in two players.
wrong. There are two ways to operate the rudder controller. One is to see the timing and follow the arrow on the screen to swing, and the other is to operate by yourself to avoid hitting obstacles. Explosive barrels will appear in the game, which can knock down all the surrounding enemies.
The BOSS’s health will appear at the top of the screen during the Boss war, minus zero and the Boss is defeated.
This game has 4 Bosses, Mysterious Cave: Giant Snake, Stream: Cancer, Maelstrom: Beihai Squid, Seamaster Secret Treasure: Bincent.

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