Project Description

6P Deep Sea Screen Fishing Game Redemption Ticket Machine


  • Type∶Kids Video Games
  • Power∶500W
  • Weight∶ 250KG
  • Voltage∶ 110V/220V
  • Size∶ 1640X1100X775MM
  • Ages∶ 3 year old and above
  • Application∶ amusement arcade game center , theme park, amusement park, etc.
kids arcade

How to Play:

Press the button to launch the hook. When the fish is on the hook, shake the fishing rod to drag the fish into the net.

After the fish is caught, press the electric shock button on the fishing rod to the fish.

That will make the fish easier to be caught.After catching a fish, there will be an opportunity for you to activate the match-and-match lottery.

And you will have a chance win a lot of redemption ticket rewards, gem rewards, mini games or mysterious props rewards.

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