Coin Pusher Machine


As Picture




W1650*1650*2100 MM


 360 KG
Power: 380 W
Player:  4 Player
Voltage: AC 110-220V±10% 50Hz±3 Hz
Application range: amusement parkFamily entertainment center、game center、shopping mall
Gold Fort Coin Pusher

How To Play

  • Put the coin, the coin falls into the upper push plate, pushes the coin down layer by layer, and pushes down the coin slot.

  • If the coin falls into the coin channel marked with the three letters “WIN (win)”, and the light is on, the ticket will be issued according to the corresponding value. No ticket if the light is off. When all three lights are on, the “WIN” small prize ticket will appear, and the number of small prize tickets will increase with the increase of the value of the turntable.

  • If the turntable reaches the “Grand Prize” position, “WIN (win)” is all on, and you can win the number of grand prize tickets displayed by the digital tube.


  • Attractive appearance:Whole body is shiny, eye-catching and dazzling;

  • Novel and exciting game play:Coins be blocked by the stopper, and change the route,to increase the uncertainty of the game.

  • Alarm system:When someone shake it, there be alarm sound,but the machine will not be locked.