Project Description

Haunted Museum Gun shooting Game Machine


Haunted Museum is a game produced by TAITO. It is a sequel to the previous Melee Museum. The story is about frequent disappearances in an abandoned amusement park. Prosecutor Chris Wyle Toku and Nakata Liang went to investigate again, but they did not expect to be occupied by the clown corps. It is up to the players to defeat the magician and successfully rescue the hostages.

The frame of the game is still the shape of the previous game, surrounded by the curtain, the protagonist of the game is still the protagonist of the previous game, and the gun body is changed to the machine gun continuous shooting function, which is more refreshing than the previous game.

Haunted Museum 2 Arcade

How to Play

1. The theme of the game is to search and rescue 100 missing hostages. Players venture into the ruins of amusement park like a maze;
2. There are 6 levels in the game, and there are 3 small levels from levels 1 to 5. After level 5, level 6 will appear. There are multiple branch routes and miniature attractions in each scene, and the speed of rescue hostages on each road different.
3. The number of bullets in the game is limited. Players can pick up bullets and first aid kits on the road, and some barrels will also contain hostages, which players can experience in the game.
The first level-pirate ship-monster roller coaster
Level 2-Haunted House-Skeleton
Level 3-Restaurant-Giant Chef
Level 4-Circus-Elephant Stepping on the Ball
Level 5-Gulliver
Level 6-Magician


  • Size:W1660mm*D1900mm*H2260mm
  • Volume:4.5m³
  • Weight:320KG
  • Power:530W
  • Player:2
  • Screen size:55’

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