Project Description

Tank Superiority Shooting Arcade Machine For Sale

Tank Superiority


  • In 1944,as the war was drawing to a close, the allied forces seemed to be winning the war.However, the Axis Forces had socrelly acquired the special technology and produced “Phantom Power” that was powerful and unpredictable In desperation, the Axis Forces used the special power on all their weapons and tuned them into Total destruction machines.Theso machines are uncontrollable and will destroy everything on Earth.Will this be the end of all mankind and the end of word as we know it?Soldiers you are the only hope to win the war keep the momentum up.
  • 5 kinds of maps for players to choose:55-inch LED3D high-definition screen;main gun (dynamic shooting brings immersive experience, cylinder driving,imported acrylic gun board, American positioner, control unit.),sub gun;brake, throttle; adjustable giant plastic seats (Tank Battle Alliance), adjustable leather seats(Tank Superiority Alliance),seat belts (Tank Superiority); colorful lights highlight the atmosphere of war.


  • All-round dynamic, dual connection, immersive experience, full of dynamic.
  • Story background: The story is adapted from the Second World War.
  • Game modes: survival mode; battle mode; mission mode. Players can choose from 10 turrets with different functions and 6 unique tank vehicles.

 Product features:

  • The first domestically-developed dynamic simulator integrating vehicle and gun, with 3D graphics and real-time dynamic simulation, creating a real battlefield experience fighting for honor.

Game content:

  • The story is adapted from the Second World War. In the war between the Allied countries and the Axis countries, drive tanks to shuttle between the battlefields and destroy all the enemy forces blocking you.

How to play

Tank Superiority


Game experience:

  • There are 10 turrets with different functions and 6 unique tank vehicles for players to choose from in the game.

3 Game modes:

  • Story mode, battle mode, survival mode, highlighting the war experience.

Product characteristic:

  • Pneumatic four-axis dynamic simulation, real-time interaction of the gun console, interaction between the main gun, sub-machine gun and the game content, the main driver and the co-pilot work together to clear levels, makes it vivid and smooth, and with 55-inch large screen and leather seat airbag seat belt.