The House Of The Dead Scarlet Dawn Light Gun Arcade Machine

Machine Introduction

Machine Display

The House Of the Dead Scarlet Dawn is coming

The classic Icon newest game machine. Unique design brings a new experience

Electric sound and lighting look, thrilling and diverse gameplay

Rich games, high renewal rate, and venue revenue ranks among the best

Suitable for all ages and a wide audience

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is coming

Game Play

  • Total five levels: Story Hall, (Chapter 1) Kate and Ryan, (Chapter 2) Homo sapiens (Chapter 3) Pandora’s Box, (Chapter 4) A New Hope (Hidden Level)
  • Game time: Around 7-15min
  • Game Mission
  • Rescue your teammate; One Boss each in the first to third chapters of the game. And in the fourth chapter there is the ultimate boss, which needs to be destroyed. To game props
  • During the game, wooden barrels, vases, and wooden boxes may hide props, and you can get corresponding rewards for shooting, such as extra points and health.

Background Set Up

  • There five level for the game difficult: Very easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very hard. Suggest to set up to normal. The Max HP is from 1 to 12, suggest to set up at 8. The original HP is from 1 to 12, suggest to set up at 3. Token insert set up: Suggest to set up 4 tokens per play and 3 more tokens to carry on.
  • Tips: The game difficult, original HP and token insert set up are all at a team. If the game difficult is hard, the original HP will be more. Otherwise, the player HP will be out quickly and the play time is shorter than normal. At that time, the token insert suggest to set up less then normal. It needs to balance this three set up.


For location

  • Suggest to located at the darkness area. So it can show the outside look and light which more useful to show the machine feature. And it can located against the wall.

Operation advice

  • When the game machine just come to the game center. It can make some advertising and some experience activity. So your player will try and know this game play. After some days later, it can organize some competition. Such as use the same level and 2 player play at the same time. More score win the game.
  • Specially set regional modules to create a real horror haunted house scene for your venue!
  • The machine design that spreads terror to the whole cabinet.
  • Immersive frame designed by new technology
  • progress, several special functions begin to operate. A horror experience that has never been set before.
  • Except for the inside of the machine, the appearance, sound effects and changing lights are very attractive to players. When the distance is called close, a monster will appear in a fright mode.
  • Surround stereo sound with full presence. The vibration from the feet to the whole body. An air shock wave that cannot be caught by the eyes! It directly creates a sense of horror on the five senses, allowing players to immerse themselves in horror.In order to overcome terror, it is a shooting that brings a full sense of pleasure.A shooting simulator that pursues a sense of operation, equipped with special shooting feedback controls. The comfortable and refreshing shooting experience makes players full of praise.
House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is coming

Game Play

  • Insert the tokenand press the button to enter the game
  • Select the mode: story mode, route selection mode
  • Choose props: 13 kinds of props are optional
  • Game description

Small Tips:

  • The red and blue buttons on the console are the confirmation buttons, and the yellow buttons are the player audio controllers. If the volume is too loud during the game, you can use this button to turn off.
  • Story mode: Please choose the comparison mode to enjoy the game from the beginning, and the route selection mode: If you want to continue or practice in the middle, please choose this mode.
  • Use the cursor of the gun to select and press the trigger to confirm.
  • Weaknesses of offensive objects are more convenient and often go out; properly cut the appropriate guns, and shoot more effectively.
  • When attacked by monsters, the player’s HP will be reduced.
  • Performance statistics: score, hit rate, kill rate, effective shooting, event completion rate
House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn is coming
The House Of the Dead Scarlet Dawn

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