Project Description

Hyper Shoot Basketball Arcade Game


  • Basic Parameters Size:L322cm*W112cm*H278cm
  • Weight:652kg Electrical
  • Parameters:AC110V-220V/50-60Hz, 450W
Hyper Shoot Basketball Arcade Game Features :

Hyper Shoot Basketball Arcade Game Features

  • Multi-angle stylish front box (iron box), which is waterproof and moisture-proof, etc.; 60 seconds (adjustable) for every level, and there is a corresponding digital display.The balls will be automatically provided after the coins are inserted.
  • The back panel and front box panel are made of color board. The product is bright in color, and will not fade or change color when placed outdoors for a long time. With this kind of material,the back panelcanprevent the balls from being worn after using for a long time. The front panel is more durable by using this kind of board.
  • In the double match, it will not affect the otherplayer when one playerpass the level.
  • Coins can be inserted (one coin/time, two coin/time, and three coins/time).
  • The clearance score anddurationcan be freely adjusted by the merchant.
  • After the second level, the basketball hoop willmoveleft and right.
  • The whole machine is made of steel, with metal net.It isalsoaccompanied by  stickers of related basketball sports. The front gear net adopts square tube, which is not easy to be unsoldered and durable.
  • Players enjoy the game with background music, the sound of goals and the cheers of fans.
  • After the pass the levels and game ends, the machine will automatically stop providingthe balls.

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