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  • 360 degree drift, lateral drift, lateral drift;
  • Forward, reversing, horn, music sound effects can be replaced (2 1G memory cards); dual-start function (swipe card start: with membership card, employee card, BOSS card, remote start: one remote control can control 12 machines, support start function , pause function, music switch function)
  • 48V, 500W brushless motor (solid motor)
  • High-strength FRP material + hardware
  • Car paint spray
  • Single battery 12V12ah*4 = 48V 48AH (battery time 300 minutes
  • Karting elements, exclusive drift rod design
  • Low speed: 10 Medium speed: 20 High speed: 30 The desired speed can be modified according to the actual requirements of the customer site

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What is a battery powered bumper car ?

The battery of the amusement bumper car is generally installed under the seat, and its appearance is basically the same as that of bumper cars. In order to improve the standard of bumper cars, some manufacturers will use the “length 1,920mm*width 1,150mm*height 900mm” stipulated by bumper cars. Specifications designed to enhance the passenger’s driving experience.

However, compared with bumper cars, battery-powered bumper cars are powered by batteries, and there are often obvious differences in speed, resulting in less collision and drift than bumper cars.

Some manufacturers also improve the structure and performance of battery bumper cars. , such as adding dual batteries, large kinetic energy motors, transformers, etc., making battery bumper cars more and more close to Tiandiwang bumper cars in experience.

Applicable groups: parents and children (under 5 years old must be accompanied by parents), student groups, friends, couples, etc.;

Available venues: Indoor and outdoor venues are generally applicable, and outdoor venues are best equipped with a roof;

Ground requirements: smooth and open ground, and must be reinforced with specific fences around it;

Body structure: mainly composed of single or multiple batteries, metal bumper car frame, glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, motor and other parts;

Use time: It takes 7-8 hours to charge once, and it can be used for about 8-10 hours;

Control settings: remote unified remote control